Body Sculpting in Tarzana

For many plastic surgery patients, extra fat and skin in certain areas can create a disproportionate body and obscure their natural contours. Others may wish to accentuate attention-getting areas for a fit, athletic, or curvy look. If you struggle with stubborn fat, have loose skin after significant weight loss or pregnancy, or want to enhance specific features, body sculpting could help you achieve an improved shape and restore the look you had in your youth.

By removing excess areas and reshaping muscle tissue, an experienced plastic surgeon can provide you with a toned, slimmer, and more balanced appearance. Dr. Yaghoubian performs body sculpting in Tarzana with the skill of a board-certified plastic surgeon and the care of someone who values empathy and personalization in her practice. Call AESTHETICA LA to learn more about this option if you are looking to enhance your body’s curves, tighten skin, and reduce body fat.

What Does Body Sculpting Do?

The main goal of body sculpting procedures is to permanently remove fat cells from problem areas and build up other features for a more balanced appearance. Additionally, many procedures remove loose, excess skin and tighten muscles to enhance natural contours while giving the skin a firmer, smoother appearance. Surgical body sculpting can target and reshape various areas of the body, including the:

  • Arms
  • Butt
  • Breasts
  • Abdomen/Stomach
  • Legs

Beyond removing fat and excess skin, body sculpting operations improve overall shape by treating underlying tissue and muscles. This toning technique creates smoother and more natural results by enhancing the body contours.

Methods of Surgical Body Sculpting in Tarzana

The most common method of body sculpting is through liposuction, in which small incisions are made in fatty areas to remove fat cells using a vacuum technique. Liposuction results in a slimmer body appearance with tighter, smoother skin on areas such as the abdomen, legs, back, and arms. Our clinic performs traditional liposuction, including liposuction with VASER, as well as J Plasma for skin tightening.

Another body sculpting method is a tummy tuck that surgically removes extra skin and fat from the abdomen for a slimmer appearance. Body sculpting can also target other body areas such as the arms, butt, and inner thighs through surgical lift procedures, which remove excess skin and fat. For instance, a circumferential body lift operation removes fat, skin, and tissue specifically in the lower abdomen, waist, and butt for improving body contours.

Enhancement Techniques for Sculpting the Body

Other popular options in Tarzana are enhancement procedures such as butt augmentation, calf implants, and breast rejuvenation. These sculpting techniques, including breast lifts, reductions, or enhancements, can change breast size while restoring the chest’s shape and contours.

We offer these and other body shaping services and work with patients to craft individualized strategies for their unique cosmetic concerns. Dr. Yaghoubian has extensive experience creating custom surgical plans and skillfully executes treatments to create a toned, healthy look.

Ideal Candidates for Body Sculpting Procedures

Body sculpting surgery may be an optimal choice after significant weight loss or pregnancy that has left excess and sagging skin on the body. Extra skin after weight loss can cause various health issues, such as rashes between skin folds. Cosmetic sculpting procedures can also create a slimmer, more toned appearance overall by revealing body contours hidden beneath excess skin.

Candidates for body sculpting do not always need significant weight loss to undergo a procedure. Anyone looking to achieve a better shape through fat removal and/or body enhancements should consult our plastic surgeons on various body sculpting techniques to achieve these goals. However, weight fluctuations may affect surgical results, so it is crucial to maintain a consistent weight following a body sculpting operation.

Learn More about Body Sculpting in Tarzana

Many people struggle with achieving an ideal body shape through exercise and diet alone. Even after successfully losing weight, excess skin can hide your natural contours and prevent you from looking and feeling your best.

If you are looking to regain the body you had when you were younger or before pregnancy, Dr. Yaghoubian can craft your appearance to enhance your contours and improve your proportions. Learn more about body sculpting in Tarzana by calling our practice today.