VASER in Tarzana

VASER in Tarzana

Even after eating healthy and working out, many people still struggle with stubborn areas of their body. VASER in Tarzana provides a less invasive option than liposuction for those seeking to tighten and tone their appearance. With limited bruising and recovery time, VASER technology allows you to heal and achieve your cosmetic goals quicker than other types of procedures.

VASER is a less invasive liposuction that contours the body in a way not possible with traditional liposuction. When performed by a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Yaghoubian, VASER technology gets you healed and enjoying your new body sooner than you would with other liposuction surgeries.

A Different Type of Liposuction

All methods of liposuction follow the same basic principles of breaking apart fat followed by suctioning. Conventional liposuction uses lasers or water pressure to break fat from surrounding tissues before removal. These methods result in more damage to surrounding tissues, more bruising, and longer recovery times.

Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, or VASER, uses simple sound waves at a frequency above the upper audible range of humans. The ultrasonic waves interrupt the connection between adipose tissue (or fat) and muscle fibers while breaking down and liquifying fat cells before removal through a slender medical tool via suction. VASER enables gentle removal of fatty tissue and offers precise body sculpting with less collateral tissue damage.

What to Expect from VASER at our Tarzana Clinic

VASER is an outpatient procedure that requires either general anesthesia or conscious sedation. In both scenarios, the patient is asleep during their procedure. After sedating the patient, Dr. Yaghoubian makes small incisions and injects a saline solution mixed with local anesthesia into the surgical locations. She then inserts the ultrasound probe into these incisions and begins gently breaking down the fat cells using ultrasonic waves. This is followed by insertion of the suctioning device and suturing of the incisions.

Patients can expect some bruising, swelling, and tenderness in targeted areas. These symptoms tend to be less severe than with other methods of liposuction. Your surgeon will provide compression garments to help reduce symptoms and protect healing. Patients should plan on two to three weeks of decreased activity while they are healing. Results will continue to improve over a three to six-month duration. Many patients at AESTHETICA LA describe their pain after a VASER procedure as mild to moderate.

Candidates for VASER

VASER is considered a countering or sculpting procedure more than it is a weight loss surgery. A good candidate will be a healthy non-smoker who is already near their ideal weight and is interested in targeting difficult areas. Candidates for this procedure have been consistent with diet and exercise but are ready to take their results to a new level while still maintaining realistic expectations.

Consult Our Tarzana Surgeon on the Benefits of VASER

Genetics often determine if you will have extra adipose tissue in a particular area or less in another. However, there are still ways to achieve your dream look through minimally invasive methods.

AESTHETICA LA offers VASER in Tarzana to help you contour and tone your body. Our experienced team is here to discuss your specific goals and create a treatment plan tailored for you. Contact us today to set up a consultation.