Mini Tummy Tuck in Tarzana

Mini Tummy Tuck in Tarzana

When considering plastic surgery, the extended recovery periods, potential side effects, and significant scarring often make people hesitant. However, many individuals face notable adverse impacts on their body image, confidence, and quality of life when unhappy with their appearance. If you are looking to contour your abdomen with surgery, you may want to consider a mini tummy tuck in Tarzana.

Like a complete tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck removes excess fat and sagging skin from the abdomen but in a more localized area but it is not ideal for every individual who is looking to lose the last of stubborn abdominal fat and stretched skin. Contact AESTHETICA LA for an evaluation and consultation with Dr. Yaghoubian to discuss your goals for surgery and whether the procedure is ideal for your needs.

What is Different About a Mini Tummy Tuck Operation?

Predominantly, the treatment area is the difference between a mini tummy tuck and a complete tummy tuck, as a mini procedure only corrects the abdomen beneath the belly button. Therefore, the operation uses the same techniques to remove extra fat and skin from the stomach, liposuction and surgical excision, but in a much more precise location. The surgery could also include minor tightening and repairs to lower abdominal muscles to further flatten the stomach.

Another notable difference for mini tummy tuck patients in Tarzana is the substantially smaller incision necessary for surgery that extends across the lower abdomen. More specifically, a mini tuck incision is typically six to 12 inches shorter than a complete incision, making it more easily hidden and quickening the recovery. For instance, mini tummy tuck patients have six weeks of required recovery instead of the typical eight weeks due to the less invasive surgical approach.

Finally, since a mini tummy tuck does not tighten and reposition the skin above the belly button, the operation does not include changes to that area. For instance, during a traditional procedure, Dr. Yaghoubian may alter the appearance and reposition the belly button on the stomach. However, a mini tummy tuck leaves the belly button and surrounding skin untouched during surgery.

Reasons Why a Mini Tummy Tuck May Be Preferable

Though the operation makes fewer cosmetic improvements, many individuals choose a mini tummy tuck for the targeted cosmetic enhancements. Since the fat cells around the lower abdomen are harder to lose for every individual, many adults struggle with surplus fat in this area exclusively. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary surgery and cosmetic changes, a person may choose the less invasive, yet still effective, mini tummy tuck in Tarzana.

Additionally, patients often consider the less invasive procedure due to the medical advantages, including the shorter recovery period and the smaller incision. Due to fewer changes to abdominal muscles, individuals with significant separation, or weakness from pregnancy or exercise, may want to consider the full abdominoplasty.

Consider the Advantages of Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery in Tarzana

A mini tummy tuck in Tarzana may be the better-suited option for cosmetic surgery if you are focused on improving your lower abdomen, ranging from your belly button to above the pubic region. In addition, if you want to avoid additional scarring, a longer recovery time, and more risks, this less extensive procedure may be the ideal choice.

Since the procedure targets a specific abdominal area, ideal mini tummy tuck patients are near their ideal weight with minimal excess skin and fat on the mid-to-upper abdomen. Schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable team to discuss the possible benefits of undergoing surgery.