Plastic Surgery for Men in Encino

Plastic Surgery for Men in Encino

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular among men who turn to professional procedures for reducing aging signs and body contouring to help achieve their ideal figure. However, since men typically have different cosmetic goals and body compositions than women, plastic surgery for men in Encino includes a number of male-specific procedures and strategies. Dr. Yaghoubian is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can get satisfying results for patients of any gender and of any body type.

Plastic Surgery Procedures for Male Body Contouring

Many men in Encino get plastic surgery in order to enhance their muscle definition. At AESTHETICA LA, we provide a number of surgeries that can provide for a slimmer, more chiseled body type.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Due to genetics, weight changes, and hormone fluctuations, some men develop enlarged breasts, a condition known as gynecomastia. However, corrective gynecomastia surgery is able to remove excess male breast tissue, fat, and skin to flatten and contour the chest. As a result, most gynecomastia patients gain improved self-confidence and have less embarrassment about their appearance after surgery.

Tummy Tuck

A defined, slim abdomen is a cosmetic goal for many men, so some of them turn to tummy tuck surgery to eliminate stubborn fat and loose skin that does not respond to routine exercise. In addition, the surgery improves a patient’s abdominals by tightening weak or separated muscles. Tummy tuck patients typically have a better tolerance for exercise and improved core strength after the operation.


In many cases, men struggle with extra body fat on several areas beyond the abdomen, but liposuction could minimize excess fat that does not seem to go away with healthier lifestyle choices. For instance, the operation could liquefy and remove fat from the legs, upper arms, neck, face, buttocks, chest, and thighs. However, liposuction is exclusively for removing fat and does not trim away loose, sagging skin like tummy tuck surgery.

Plastic Surgery for Male Facial Features

Plastic surgery for men in Encino is not limited to body enhancements – cosmetic changes to the face are also becoming more popular, including the use of non-surgical dermal fillers.

Facelift and Neck Lift

Many men seek facelift and neck lift surgery to reduce the appearance of severe aging signs, including skin folds, fine lines, extra fat accumulation, and deep wrinkles. A facelift surgery trims excess skin, minimizes fat, and enhances underlying tissues from the mid-face extending down the neck to rejuvenate a patient’s appearance. Alternatively, a neck lift has the same cosmetic effects but exclusively focuses on the chin, neck, and jawline.


Since the nose’s size, shape, and other features influence facial proportions and symmetry, many men seek rhinoplasty surgery for improvements. In addition, the operation could correct crooked or bumpy bridges, irregular nostrils, and a deviated septum that causes breathing difficulties. After surgery, the nose looks more proportional to other features, such as the chin, thereby boosting facial symmetry and overall attractiveness.

Eyelid Surgery

When sagging skin develops around the eyes and eyelids, it could result in deep, visible wrinkles, adverse impacts on facial expressions, and vision impairments. Eyelid surgery removes extra skin, repositions surrounding muscles, and tightens the remaining skin to reduce these concerns. Afterward, the patient’s eyes appear more alert and youthful while vision impairments from skin blocking the field of vision will minimize or reverse entirely.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a common phenomenon for men as they age but it is possible to slow the process or even promote new growth through the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). By injecting PRP for hair loss, we can kickstart new collagen growth so that baldness becomes less of a concern.

Get Started with Plastic Surgery for Men in Encino

As plastic surgery becomes more popular for men in Encino, the number of available treatments and literature about the subject increases. After surgery, most men have better self-confidence and subsequent improvements in mood and quality of life.

Since there are several surgeries to consider, and patients could undergo multiple procedures at once, the first step is discussing your ideal surgical results with Dr. Yaghoubian. Send us a contact form regarding a consultation if you would like to hear more details about the possible cosmetic benefits of plastic surgery.