Buccal Fat Pad Reduction in Tarzana

Buccal Fat Pad Reduction in Tarzana

Voluminous cheeks are a sign of youth but they tend to lose their fullness as an individual grows older. For example, one change that occurs is the decreasing of the fat tissue within the cheeks that support facial structure and movements. From this, a person’s face may appear slimmer and more defined, partially influenced by narrower cheeks.

However, some individuals might not lose volume in their face as they age, and feel that their cheeks appear too chubby or youthful. In this case, buccal fat pad reduction in Tarzana is excellent for reducing plumper cheeks into a slimmer yet natural-looking size. Reach out to Dr. Yaghoubian at AESTHETICA LA to schedule a buccal fat pad reduction consultation if you have more prominent cheeks and are unhappy with how they affect your facial appearance.

What is a Buccal Fat Pad?

The buccal fat pad is a round mass found within the middle of the cheek between the muscles and cheekbones and is responsible for supporting surrounding facial structures. As someone ages, the face begins to lose volume in the skin, muscles, and bones, including the buccal fat pad. However, some people may not see a reduction in their cheek volume as they grow older, resulting in a plumper, younger facial appearance.

Though there is nothing wrong with more voluminous cheeks, some individuals may prefer a slimmer facial appearance that looks more mature. Buccal fat pad reduction surgery in Tarzana is the best option for someone who wishes to reduce the cheek’s size.

Procedure Method and Recovery Timeline for Buccal Fat Pad Reduction

In Tarzana, buccal fat pad reduction surgery removes part of the round mass to reduce the size of more prominent cheeks in older individuals. The first step is anesthesia administration, followed by incisions within the mouth to eliminate the risk of visible scarring. Afterward, Dr. Yaghoubian removes a portion of the buccal pad so that it will slim the cheeks in proportion with other facial features.

Once the procedure is complete, she may use absorbable sutures to close the incisions. It is essential to avoid rubbing the sutures with the tongue after surgery, as it could lead to infections and irritation. Beyond just the narrower cheeks, enhancements include improved facial contours and cheek definition.

Deciding What Age is Best for Buccal Fat Reduction Surgery

The buccal fat pad continues to grow into a person’s twenties, meaning that the surgery is not ideal for patients younger than 20. In Tarzana, buccal fat pad reduction surgery may be best for patients over the age of 30 and up to age 50. During this period, facial fat in the cheeks should continuously decrease; and if it does not, it may open up the potential for surgery.

However, not everyone is an ideal patient for a buccal pad reduction procedure. For example, individuals with already narrow faces would not be candidates for reduction surgery. In addition, individuals seeking the reduction must be generally healthy, be a non-smoker, and have strong buccal fat pads.

Schedule a Consultation for a Buccal Fat Pad Reduction in Tarzana

Plump cheeks are youthful, and some people may prefer to have them but others may desire slimmer cheeks that match their age better. However, your buccal fat pads may have failed to lose volume as you have grown older, resulting in a more youthful facial appearance than you want. Buccal fat pad reduction in Tarzana is the best option for slimming your cheeks by removing part of the structure that gives it that volume.

Recovery takes several weeks but there is no visible scarring afterward due to the incisions being within the mouth. After your surgery, you could feel more confident in your facial appearance due to more defined facial contours, including the cheekbones. Reach out to AESTHETICA LA, and learn more about buccal fat pad reduction and whether you would benefit from the surgery.