Mohs Reconstruction in Tarzana

Mohs Reconstruction in Tarzana

Skin cancer lesions on the face require surgical removal, which could mean a significant loss of facial tissue and subsequent loss of function. If this occurs, Mohs reconstruction in Tarzana is available for restoring your facial appearance by counteracting tissue that has been lost with several surgical techniques. For example, Mohs reconstruction surgery may require cartilage, skin, and bone grafting to rebuild missing facial structures.

Your individual cosmetic goals, degree of tissue removal, and facial areas needing reconstruction will determine which techniques are best for your reconstruction. However, Mohs reconstruction could correct a wide variety of facial features affected by skin cancer lesions. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Yaghoubian at AESTHETICA LA if you experienced tissue and function loss after a skin lesion removal.

Facial Restoration with Mohs Reconstruction Surgery

Mohs reconstruction surgery in Tarzana aims to restore the face’s appearance and function after tissue, skin, and bone loss during surgical removal of skin cancer lesions. For example, enhancements could include improved bone structure, muscle tissue functioning, and skin appearance. The procedure produces significant changes to the facial features by utilizing several surgical methods that use the patient’s existing body tissue to replace missing tissue in the face.

The facial areas that Mohs reconstruction surgery could fix include the nose, eyelids, scalp, ears, lips, and neck. The procedure uses a custom approach due to the unique cancer treatment that each Mohs reconstruction patient has previously undergone. However, every surgery aims to provide cosmetic enhancements and restore facial function in the affected areas.

Reconstructive Surgery Options

In Tarzana, Mohs reconstruction uses surgical techniques that involve the skin, cartilage, and tissue of other body parts to replace facial tissue. This technique is known as grafting, and is ideal for the procedure because it allows for a high degree of precision and customization for enhancements.

Skin Grafts

For skin grafts, areas of the patient’s skin tissue are taken from the body (typically from the thighs) to replace missing or damaged skin on the face. A full-thickness graft is ideal for areas with thicker skin because it transplants all of the skin’s layers. Facial areas with thinner skin may need a split-thickness graft, which involves transplanting only the top layer of the skin to reconstruction areas.

Cartilage Grafts

Cartilage grafts take cartilage from either the ribs or ears to restore facial areas that need it. In addition to fixing the appearance, this grafting method could enhance a patient’s overall facial symmetry and proportions.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion for reconstruction involves placing medical material underneath the skin to stretch it and stimulate tissue growth. From this, new tissue replaces lost tissue to restore function and appearance. This technique is not a typical method for Mohs reconstruction surgery but some patients may require tissue expansion.

Skin Flap Techniques

The most common method for Mohs reconstruction, skin flap techniques involve transplanting healthy tissue from one body area to the face. Once complete, the face’s appearance and facial functions should improve significantly.

Learn More About Mohs Reconstruction Surgery in Tarzana

Tissue and function loss in your face after skin cancer lesion removal could significantly impact your daily activities and self-confidence. However, Mohs reconstruction in Tarzana can restore the skin, tissue, cartilage, and bone of your affected facial features. The surgery uses various methods to transfer healthy tissue from other areas of your body to replace the lacking areas.

If you have had skin cancer lesions removed from your face or neck, resulting in adverse impacts on your motor functions and appearance, schedule a consultation at AESTHETICA LA and learn how we can help you.