FTM Top Surgery in Tarzana

FTM Top Surgery in Tarzana

Female to male (FTM) top surgery is a surgical procedure meant to masculinize the chest. This procedure removes breast tissue and contours the chest. Nipple and areola resizing and reshaping may also be necessary. People who were assigned female at birth but identify as male or gender-nonconforming may benefit from FTM top surgery in Tarzana to affirm their identity.

Your gender is valid no matter what attributes your body has. For many trans men and nonbinary individuals, this may be an important part of transitioning. Top surgery can change your physical appearance to better represent your gender identity. If you are contemplating top surgery, board-certified surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian and the team at AESTHETICA LA are available to support you.

FTM Top Surgery Procedure

The removal of breast tissue is called a mastectomy. There are various methods available to perform a mastectomy and masculinize the chest, but the procedure generally involves the removal of breast tissue, excess skin, and the inframammary fold or the line where the lower portion of the breast meets the chest wall. After removing the excess tissue, the surgeon will reshape and reposition the nipple-areolar complex and contour the chest.

Types of Top Surgeries

At our Tarzana office, Dr. Yaghoubian will help choose the method of FTM top surgery based on various physical attributes like chest size and skin elasticity. In some instances, revision is necessary, especially if the skin is lacking elasticity. Types of FTM top surgeries include:

  • Buttonhole
  • Double incision
  • Inverted T or T anchor
  • Peri-areolar
  • Keyhole
  • Minimal Scar

In an initial consultation, Dr. Yaghoubian can further explain these options for top surgery and help a patient decide the best method for their unique situation.

What to Expect from Top Surgery

FTM surgery is usually an outpatient procedure that can take two to four hours and requires the patient to be under general anesthesia. The patient will receive a compression bra that helps to control swelling and holds the bandages in place. The surgeon will recommend prescribed medication to manage any pain during the early days.

The patient should sleep on their back to avoid pressure on the surgical site and limit lifting their hands above their head as this can pull at the incisions. After about a week, the surgeon will remove the bandages and assess healing. Most of the swelling declines over two to three weeks but may take up to six months to fully subside in some cases. After six to eight weeks, FTM top surgery patients can typically resume their regular activities.

Consult a Tarzana Surgeon on FTM Top Surgery

The goal for FTM top surgery is more than just flattening the chest. The goal is to provide a masculine appearance to the chest by removing breast tissue, contouring the chest, and reshaping the nipple. This procedure is the most common gender confirmation surgery performed on trans men and also frequently requested by nonbinary individuals.

For many, FTM top surgery is an opportunity to better align one’s physical appearance with their experienced gender. If you have been considering FTM top surgery in Tarzana, call AESTHETICA LA today for an initial consultation. Our attentive staff and experienced surgeon are here to support you, answer questions, and help meet your needs.