Sculptra Butt Lift in Tarzana

Sculptra Butt Lift in Tarzana

Improving the shape or size of your buttocks with exercise is not always possible for some people. In addition, some surgical enhancements pose a higher risk of complications, with results that may not look natural. Sculptra butt lift in Tarzana is an excellent choice for enhancing the size, shape, and appearance of your butt with non-surgical dermal filler injections.

The injections contain a unique substance that, when injected into the skin, stimulates collagen production. From this, the buttocks’ shape and structure improve as the skin becomes healthier, firmer, and stronger. Talk to Dr. Yaghoubian if you are interested in hearing more about how you can receive these injections from AESTHETICA LA.

What is Sculptra?

Other dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid to restore tissue volume but Sculptra injections attempt to kickstart the skin’s natural collagen production. The injections utilize ploy-L-lactic acid to stimulate collagen and restructure skin tissue. As the skin increases collagen, its structure improves since the protein is responsible for supporting and building skin tissue.

However, natural collagen buildup may take several weeks to months to reach a point of enhancing the buttocks. Due to this, a patient may require several Sculptra injection treatment sessions for ideal non-invasive results. In Tarzana, Sculptra injections for a butt lift give natural-looking enhancements without an extended recovery period, surgical risks, and severe side effects.

Sculptra injections do not make permanent changes to the body, since tissues reabsorb the collagen over time. However, since the substance used in Sculptra is biocompatible and poses few health risks, additional treatment sessions could maintain the enhancements.

Sculptra Injection Procedure for a Non-Surgical Butt Lift

The main objective of a Sculptra butt lift is to enhance the buttocks’ curves and shape with non-invasive injections. Compared to surgical enhancements, Sculptra injections do not pose significant health risks and side effects during recovery. In Tarzana, a Sculptra butt lift begins with cleaning and applying an anesthetic to the treatment area.

Next, Dr. Yaghoubian inserts the injections into the buttocks in areas where enhanced curves appear natural and balance the patient’s body proportions. Since the procedure is non-invasive, recovery takes only a few days, and requires avoiding exercise and massaging the buttocks for even distribution. However, minor side effects are typical immediately after surgery, including bruising, soreness, redness, and occasional bleeding.

A patient may develop bumps at injection sites in rare cases but these will smooth out eventually. Enhancements build up over time and become apparent between four and six months after a Sculptra butt lift. However, since the body absorbs collagen and its production slows down naturally, results should only be expected to last for about two years.

Learn More About Sculptra Butt Lift Injections in Tarzana

Undergoing a surgical butt lift means considering the possibility of complications, side effects, and an extended recovery period. Instead, if you want to increase your butt size and enhance its shape, turn to a non-invasive Sculptra butt lift in Tarzana. The injections will jumpstart the skin’s collagen production, resulting in significant structural improvements that enhance your curves over time.

Though the changes resulting from these injections are less significant than a surgical butt lift or augmentation, the procedure is safer and ideal for patients who are looking for subtle, natural-looking enhancements. It may also be necessary to receive additional injections a few months after your first treatment for further changes. Reach out to us at AESTHETICA LA and discuss how you could benefit from this treatment.