Body Sculpting in Encino

Body Sculpting in Encino

Exercise is essential for staying healthy and preventing weight gain, but sometimes an individual’s unique physical characteristics and lifestyle habits can interfere. As a result, many individuals struggle with stubborn body fat and sagging skin that does not seem to diminish with exercise and dieting. If you find yourself in the same situation, consider the benefits of surgical body sculpting in Encino.

These procedures could target multiple body areas that hold excess fat or they could focus in on one specific area, such as the abdomen. Call AESTHETICA LA to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yaghoubian for body sculpting in Encino and discuss the available treatment methods, your cosmetic goals, and the best procedures to help you achieve those goals.

Surgical Body Sculpting Options

For individuals who struggle with more significant amounts of excess body fat and sagging, loose skin, our surgical body sculpting procedures in Encino could provide a way to address these concerns.

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

Many adults struggle with excess fat in multiple body areas, but liposuction is able to remove fat tissue from practically anywhere on the body. Similarly, if a patient wants to remove fat from the abdomen exclusively, or they require muscle tightening after a noticeable weight loss, a tummy tuck is the better option. Both procedures could be done in tandem and they provide long-lasting fat reductions if a patient maintains a stable weight after surgery.

Arm, Thigh, Buttocks, and Lower Body Lift Surgeries

In addition to the abdomen, many of our patients opt to get surgical lifts for their upper arms, inner or outer thighs, lower buttocks, and waist. These surgeries could remove moderate amounts of excess fat deposits on these body areas using liposuction for further contour enhancements. Women who are done having kids could also combine a few of these procedures with cosmetic breast surgery as part of our mommy makeover package.

Noninvasive Body Sculpting Procedures

Noninvasive body sculpting procedures in Encino utilize freezing temperatures and thermal energy to neutralize and remove excess fat cells. When either energy source reaches fat cells underneath the skin, the cells become damaged to the point where they can no longer store additional fat. After treatment, the body removes the damaged fat cells by naturally filtering them out like other toxins within the body.

In addition to eliminating excess body fat, noninvasive body sculpting treatments in Encino could stimulate the skin’s production of essential substances. Specifically, the procedures increase the amount of collagen and elastin produced, resulting in improvements to the skin structure and appearance naturally over time. Further, this additional benefit ensures that the skin tightens appropriately over the body contours as the fat cells diminish.

Get in Touch for More Information on Body Sculpting Procedures in Encino

When many people think of body sculpting, the first thing they typically imagine is surgical fat removal, such as liposuction or tummy tuck surgery. Although those procedures are great for slimming your figure, body sculpting in Encino could also refine the contours of your arms, thighs, waist, and buttocks.

The various options for surgical body sculpting allow you to choose the best treatment plan for your unique cosmetic goals. Discussing your ideal results with a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Yaghoubian during a consultation is an important first step. Reach out to us to learn what is possible.