Arm Lift in Encino

Arm Lift in Encino

Though diet and exercise could be successful ways to lose excess fat and improve muscle definition for some individuals, they may not be effective for others, especially those struggling with skin laxity. For instance, despite efforts to improve the upper arm muscles with exercise, individuals with loose skin in this area may not see the results of their actions. If that is the case for you, surgical correction of loose skin and excess fat from an arm lift in Encino is the best option for restoring a toned, youthful appearance to your arms.

After this body sculpting surgery, patients report feeling significantly more confident in their appearance, especially when wearing specific clothing items such as short-sleeved shirts. Typically, the recovery takes up to eight weeks before you may resume strenuous activities, but the results could last for years, given that you maintain a stable, healthy weight. For more details, call AESTHETICA LA to arrange a consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals, eligibility for surgery, and possible results with our team in-depth.

Reasons to Consider Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift patients in Encino predominantly undergo this surgery to slim their upper arms by surgically removing excess fat deposits and loose, sagging skin from the back and underside of the upper arms. More specifically, when the deflated or drooping appearance to the upper arms is due to lax skin and creating the “batwing” look, an arm lift is the best option for long-term correction. In many cases, individuals undergo the procedure after significant weight loss or pregnancy, but genetics and age could influence the condition.

In addition to notable skin enhancements, arm lift surgery could improve the arm’s underlying tissues responsible for supporting the newly tightened skin. For instance, Dr. Yaghoubian may be able to tighten the underlying tissue to smoothen the upper arms’ skin and define muscle contours further.

What to Expect from an Arm Lift Procedure

Most often, arm lift surgery in Encino alters the upper arms, specifically between the armpits and the elbows, with incisions hidden along the back or underside of the arms. If a patient has a moderate or significant amount of excess fat on the upper arms, liposuction is the typical technique for removing the deposits before addressing other concerns. Next, Dr. Yaghoubian may tighten and reshape the underlying tissue using sutures to redefine and enhance muscle contours even further.

Afterward, she can trim the necessary amount of skin tissue away from the arms, which will vary between patients. Finally, an arm lift ensures that the remaining skin is tightly repositioned over the muscle contours to create a visibly more toned and healthy appearance. Typically, patients may resume strenuous activities, including heavy lifting and physical exercise, after four to eight weeks of recovery.

Learn More About Arm Lift Surgery in Encino During a Consultation

As you get older and your body goes through physical changes, you may see a decline in your muscle definition and increasing amounts of sagging skin on your upper arms. Though you could improve your muscle contours at home with diet and exercise, the most effective option for restoring definition to your upper arms is removing most of that extra skin from the back and undersides. The best choice for achieving these cosmetic changes and redefining your upper arms for the long-term is a surgical arm lift in Encino.

The surgery reduces excess fat deposits and trims away drooping skin while strengthening the underlying tissues to restore defined contours to your arms, though there may be some scarring afterward. If you are unhappy with the look of your arms due to worsening skin laxity, get in touch with the team at AESTHETICA LA to discuss how the operation could be beneficial to you.