Breast Augmentation in Encino

Breast Augmentation in Encino

Breast augmentation, or mammoplasty, is a common cosmetic surgery where implants are inserted into the breasts – or fat is transferred from another body part – to increase size, improve symmetry, or adjust the shape. Breast surgeons have safely been performing modern breast implant procedures for decades. Over that time, the market has risen to make it one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. Currently, there are many options for breast augmentation in Encino, each with different benefit profiles to accommodate a variety of individuals with different needs.

Choosing to undergo a breast augmentation is a big decision. Making the right choice starts with knowing what you want and what your options are. Dr. Yaghoubian is here to provide the education and support necessary to ensure you are satisfied with your results.

Why Seek Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation can improve overall body harmony by providing a more balanced appearance through improving symmetry, shape, or size. Some women elect to get breast surgery to enhance their breasts after significant weight loss or pregnancy. Others simply want to feel more comfortable with their body. Breast enhancement surgery can also replace older implants or revise those that you currently have. The reasons why our Encino patients choose breast enhancement surgery are as varied and unique as the patients themselves.

Types of Fillers

Breast implants are made up of two components: the filler and the shell. The filler is comprised of either silicone or saline, and the shell is always silicone. Between these materials, the cosmetic industry has come up with various formulas and combinations to provide a range of options that AESTHETICA LA is happy to supply to our patients. Both silicone and saline have a good safety profile, so it is up to the patient to determine which option works best for them.


Silicone-filled implants tend to have a more natural feel when compared to their saline counterparts. This natural feel is due to the higher viscosity or thickness of silicone. Implants filled with silicone come in predetermined sizes and require a larger incision to insert into the breast tissue. They also require ultrasound monitoring due to the possibility of an unknown leak. The thicker texture of silicone means that ruptures often go unnoticed.


Saline implants do not come prefilled. Dr. Yaghoubian inserts the empty casing into the breast before filling it with saline, unlike the prefilled silicone implants. If a rupture occurs with saline, the breast undergoes an evident collapse, and the body absorbs the saline, negating the need for ultrasound monitoring. Saline implants also tend to cost less than silicone implants.

The Many Options of Breast Augmentation

Although silicone and saline are the only filler options when it comes to breast implants, there are still other choices to make. The outer shell or casing comes in various shapes, sizes, and textures—each providing a different look and feel. In addition, we also provide fat transfers to the breast, by taking fat tissue from another area like the thighs or buttocks, and transferring it to the breast in order to add volume.

With so many options for breast augmentation in Encino, Dr. Yaghoubian is sure to help you find a plan that leads to a satisfying outcome.

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If you are unhappy with the shape, size, or symmetry of your chest, breast implants may be right for you. Whether you are looking for enhancements to what you naturally have or need to replace older implants, we are your destination for aesthetic improvement.

We understand that patients invest a lot of time and money into their decision to get breast augmentation in Encino. Our welcoming staff is available to provide support throughout this entire experience. From your first consultation to your final follow-up appointment, our goal is to make your journey is as smooth and as stress-free as possible.