Breast Reconstruction in Encino

Breast Reconstruction in Encino

Undergoing surgical treatment for breast cancer, most often a mastectomy procedure, typically results in visible impacts on the breasts. In many cases, mastectomy patients consider restoring their breast shape, volume, and size via breast reconstruction in Encino. A breast reconstruction surgery could use implants or a flap technique depending on the patient’s physical characteristics, medical history, and expectations for final results.

The process of breast reconstruction may require a few procedures for the best-looking results depending on the surgical approach and a patient’s choice for immediate or delayed reconstruction. However, since breast reconstruction is a highly individualized procedure, the first step is scheduling a consultation. Call the team at AESTHETICA LA to arrange a breast surgery consultation to discuss your surgical expectations and the right approach to your operation.

Expectations for Breast Reconstruction After a Mastectomy

Mastectomy surgery to treat breast cancer often results in significantly visible impacts on a woman’s breast shape, size, and volume, which could lead to adverse emotional and physical effects. Breast reconstruction surgery could take several approaches to restore and enhance a patient’s breasts with implants or a flap reconstruction with natural body tissue. However, with either approach, some breast reconstruction patients in Encino may need an initial procedure to insert tissue expanders to stretch the skin prior to any additional work.

Reconstructing Breasts with Implants

When breast reconstruction surgery uses implants, patients must choose between silicone or saline, round or teardrop-shaped, and low to ultra-high profile. As with typical augmentation surgery, breast reconstruction with saline implants results in firmer breasts, but possible implant leaks are less hazardous. On the other hand, silicone breast implants offer results that look and feel more like natural breast tissue, but implant ruptures may be hard to detect.

Flap Technique for Breast Reconstruction

Alternatively, a flap technique requires patients to have an adequate amount of excess tissue and fat for transfer and reconstruction. This approach, which is better suited for smaller breast sizes, may be the best option for the most natural-looking and feeling reconstruction results. Whether breast reconstruction uses implants or flap techniques, the operation may include nipple and areola reconstruction, if necessary.

Which Breast Reconstruction Surgical Approach is Best for You?

A patient’s medical history, natural breast size, and cosmetic goals may limit the options for breast reconstruction surgery in Encino. For instance, as with breast augmentation, naturally smaller breasts and chest walls may not be suitable for breast reconstruction with more prominent implants. Further, thinner individuals may not qualify for a flap technique approach to breast reconstruction surgery due to insufficient tissue available.

There are many cosmetic and medical factors to consider beforehand, such as breast symmetry, shape, and profile after reconstruction surgery. For patients who want higher degrees of breast symmetry or more prominent breast shape and size enhancements, implants are the better-suited choice. Further, breast reconstruction with implants is a less invasive process, which reduces the required recovery time and potential surgical risks.

Ask Our Team About Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Encino

Though treating breast cancer could involve removing breast tissue and sometimes the nipples and areolas, the effects could be minimized with breast reconstruction in Encino. The operation restores breast volume, size, and shape with implants or body tissue to improve a patient’s body proportions, chest appearance, and self-confidence for the long-term. However, as a mastectomy may affect breast tissue in several possible ways, breast reconstruction surgery requires a few medical and cosmetic considerations beforehand.

For example, breast reconstruction may require separate procedures, more extended recovery periods, and varying side effects with different surgical approaches. Since the operation’s approach and final results are dependent on a patient’s unique characteristics, you should schedule a breast reconstruction consultation to discuss the best approach to your procedure in-depth. Call today to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members at AESTHETICA LA.