Breast Revision Surgery in Encino

Breast Revision Surgery in Encino

Enhancing your breast size and shape with implants could not only improve your physical appearance but also provide emotional benefits. However, breast implants do not last for your entire life; instead, most of them need replacement every 10 to 20 years. When it is time to replace your old breast implants with newer versions, you will need breast revision surgery in Encino.

Though many women get breast implant revision surgery only when necessary to change implants, you could have the operation at almost any time to change your initial augmentation enhancements. This type of cosmetic breast surgery may be required to correct possible medical complications after breast augmentation. In either case, call AESTHETICA LA to discuss your options for revising your breast implants. If you need replacement implants, or you are dissatisfied with the results from another plastic surgery practice, our experienced medical professionals can work with you on a revision plan.

Reasons Why You May Need Breast Revision Surgery

Primarily, patients seek breast implant revision surgery in Encino when the time has come to replace old implants in order to prevent medical complications. For instance, older implants are at a higher risk of ruptures and leaks, which could affect nearby tissues and have an impact on how the breast looks. In addition, as breast implants get older, their shape, size, and position on the chest wall could change, also impacting its outward appearance.

However, breast implant revision surgery is also necessary to replace implants that have been affected by hardened scar tissue. If a patient develops a capsular contracture, it could warp the shape of breast implants, making revision surgery necessary. In addition to restoring breast contours and volume by removing altered breast implants, the surgery removes hardened scar tissue to reduce discomfort and minimize the risk of additional cosmetic changes.

Finally, women may undergo breast revision surgery to change their breast implant material, shape, or size. Since silicone and saline implants offer slight differences in final results, patients may want to switch from one implant material to another. Revision surgery allows patients to either increase or decrease their implant size, switch between round- or teardrop-shaped implants, and choose a different side-profile.

Things to Consider Before Breast Revision Surgery

Since breast implant revision surgery is an opportunity to change your contours, shape, and volume, there are many factors to consider beforehand. One of the first vital considerations is the breast implant material, as silicone typically provides more natural-looking and natural-feeling breasts. Alternatively, saline implants are generally firmer, which could make breasts appear perkier and rounder, and are safer in the rare cases of implant ruptures or leaks.

Additionally, breast revision surgery patients in Encino may change their implant shape and size from their initial choice. For example, you could choose to have smaller or larger implants inserted during revision surgery, although you should bear in mind that your natural breast size and chest wall may limit the options. Further, revision surgery could allow you to change your profile since options range from low-profile to ultra-high-profile implants.

As with any breast surgery, there is a risk of developing capsular contracture from hardened scar tissue afterward, and additional breast revision surgery is usually necessary for younger patients after about 10 to 20 years.

Call Us Now for a Breast Revision Surgery Consultation in Encino

If you have undergone a breast augmentation, you will likely require breast revision surgery in Encino at some point, since implants typically do not last more than 20 years. However, revision is not contingent on implants wearing out or becoming defective.

If you are dissatisfied with your initial enhancements from another plastic surgeon, want to restore enhancements, or wish to change the characteristics of your breast implants, revision surgery is a long-term corrective option. Dr. Yaghoubian can perform a revision assessment and discuss your ideal cosmetic changes, concerns, and the recovery process.