Chin Augmentation in Encino

Chin Augmentation in Encino

Several facial features, including the chin, play a critical role in maintaining balance and symmetry in your appearance. When an individual has a shorter chin that lacks sufficient projection, there could be several adverse impacts on their facial appearance. The best option for correcting this concern on a more permanent basis is cosmetic surgery, specifically chin augmentation with an implant that leaves minimal scarring afterward.

After surgery, you could feel significantly more confident in how your chin accentuates your profile. Since everyone has a unique facial structure that requires customized considerations, a consultation is required with our Board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yaghoubian. Instead of living with your naturally smaller chin and disliking your appearance, consider the permanent cosmetic benefits of surgical chin augmentation in Encino.

How Does Chin Augmentation Surgery Work?

Chin augmentation in Encino uses a customized implant made of solid silicone to enhance and improve the chin’s size and contours. The implant is molded to create your ideal chin shape and size that looks proportional to other facial features, such as the nose, ears, and eyes. In addition, by improving the look of the chin, augmentation surgery offers multiple additional cosmetic benefits, including strengthening the jawline’s definition.

The operation requires a minor incision, typically two centimeters long, beneath the chin or on the inside of the mouth to make room between the chin bone and muscles. Then, Dr. Yaghoubian places the custom implant around the chin bone before securing it in place to the bone. After the operation, most patients return to work and light-impact activities, and resume their everyday routines after three to four weeks.

Due to swelling after the procedure, chin augmentation results typically take one month before becoming apparent. Your results continue to finalize until about three months afterward.

Candidates for Chin Augmentation Surgery

Primarily, ideal candidates for chin augmentation surgery in Encino are individuals with considerably undefined chins, or “weak chins,” due to underdeveloped chin bones. The implant surgery corrects this concern by increasing chin projection to a similar length relative to the nose. A well-defined jawline is considered an attractive masculine characteristic, while the operation could create a feminine oval-shaped face for women.

In addition, many patients consider their lack of chin projection to be a source of embarrassment or self-consciousness, and they want a long-term solution. Patients report significantly better self-image and confidence after the surgery, often translating into additional emotional benefits in other areas of life. For instance, higher confidence levels often result in better relationships and quality of life.

Consider the Lifelong Benefits of Chin Augmentation Surgery in Encino

When one of the vital focal points of your face is disproportionate to other facial features, it can adversely impact your facial symmetry and balance. Due to genetics, some individuals may develop a naturally small chin, resulting in less jawline definition and sometimes a double chin. However, you could enhance your jawline, neck, and chin with a chin augmentation in Encino that uses a solid silicone implant.

After the four-week recovery period, you could enjoy your enhanced chin contours and definition with minimal scarring. This enhancement should last you for the rest of your life. Since your unique facial structure will influence how the implant looks, schedule a chin augmentation at AESTHETICA LA and work with our team to determine how to get the best-looking results.