Facelift in Encino

Facelift in Encino

At some point, everyone will experience the natural aging process, which typically leads to fine lines, deeper wrinkles, skin folds, and sagging skin along the neck and face. However, the most frequent choice for reinvigorating the facial appearance by tightening the skin and facial tissues is a facelift in Encino. A facelift operation reduces and prevents new aging signs ranging from the mid-face down to the neck.

Though you may have slightly visible scarring after the procedure, you will enjoy the enhancements for many years afterward. However, facial plastic surgery does not halt the natural aging process, so combining it with non-surgical enhancements and at-home skin care could add longevity. If your wrinkles and loose skin are beginning to develop or deepen, speak with the experienced team at AESTHETICA LA.

Cosmetic Issues That a Facelift Could Correct

The primary purpose of a facelift in Encino is to reduce skin-specific aging signs, such as deep wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin folds. Specifically, the operation reduces loose skin tissue on the cheeks, around the nose and mouth, underneath the chin, and along the neck and jawline. As a result of tightening the skin, the facial features also appear more contoured and youthful.

Beyond changes made to the skin, facelift surgery makes additional cosmetic improvements by removing excess facial and neck fat, and redistributing the remaining fat. The procedure additionally lifts the underlying tissues beneath the skin to combat facial volume loss and further revitalize a patient’s appearance.

Despite the same general changes to the face that both men and women experience, facelift surgery for men takes into consideration the differences in bone structure and ideal results for male patients. For instance, male facelift patients in Encino request more defined jawlines for a masculine facial appearance. However, female facelift patients typically request softer, rounder facial contours, as they appear more feminine than having well-defined features.

Patient Limitations for Facelift Surgery

Since facelift surgery is an invasive process, the operation is better suited for correcting moderate and severe degrees of aging signs and skin laxity. Therefore, many facelift patients are in their 60s and 70s, when aging signs typically become more pronounced.

However, in some cases, facelift patients in Encino choose to get the operation as a preventative measure against worsening wrinkles and lax skin. Since younger patients typically have better degrees of skin laxity, the results specific to the skin may be more attractive but less substantial. Alternatively, older facelift patients usually have more dramatic changes and, subsequently, enhancements that are more apparent.

Reach Out to Us for a Facelift in Encino

A routine part of growing older is aging skin that develops lines, folds, wrinkles, and loose areas that hide your proper facial structure. Instead of simply accepting the effects of age on their appearance, many individuals decide to get a facelift in Encino. After the procedure, the facial features look more defined, and the skin appears smoother, tighter, and firmer for a number of years.

Though the primary motivation for many patients is cosmetic enhancements, satisfied patients report having higher self-confidence. If you want to preserve your facelift results for longer, implement the daily use of sunscreen, minimize your sun exposure, and refrain from smoking nicotine to keep the skin healthy. Call now to arrange a consultation with Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian to discuss in detail how this procedure can revitalize your facial appearance.