Mohs Reconstruction in Encino

Mohs Reconstruction in Encino

Treating skin cancer often involves the surgical removal of lesions, resulting in tissue, skin, and bone loss that visibly affects your appearance, especially on the face, neck, or scalp. Additionally, surgical skin cancer treatment on these areas could result in a loss of function, such as impacting your facial expressions. However, there are several surgical approaches to restore your cosmetic appearance and facial functioning with Mohs reconstruction in Encino.

Depending on your unique reconstruction needs, the operation could take a comprehensive approach to restore skin, bone, tissue, and cartilage. After this facial plastic surgery, Mohs reconstruction patients typically feel more confident in themselves and their appearance. Get in touch with AESTHETICA LA for a consultation to discuss your skin cancer treatment, medical history, and the best approaches for surgical facial reconstruction.

What is Mohs Reconstruction Surgery?

When skin cancer affects visibly apparent areas, such as the face, neck, and scalp, Mohs reconstruction surgery in Encino is the best long-term treatment option. More specifically, the operation ensures that the surgical removal of skin cancer lesions from anywhere in these areas does not significantly affect a patient’s skin and facial structure. For instance, the procedure could reconstruct critical features, including the lips, ears, nose, scalp, eyelids, neck, and other affected facial areas.

In addition to the cosmetic improvements, Mohs reconstruction surgery restores function to the face if skin cancer surgical treatment left adverse impacts. In cases of significant tissue removal for treating skin cancer, Mohs reconstruction could reduce the physical limitations imposed by that procedure by restoring healthy tissue in affected areas.

Possible Procedures Included in Mohs Reconstruction Surgery

Due to the varying possibilities of skin cancer lesion placement, size, and severity, Mohs reconstruction surgery in Encino could take several approaches beyond traditional stitches and healing by granulation.

Skin Flaps

A common technique for facial reconstruction, skin flaps involves surgically transplanting healthy tissue from other body areas to the face with visible tissue loss due to skin cancer removal. In most cases, skin flaps produce attractive facial reconstruction results due to the reduced risk of contour distortions from tightened collagen fibers that form during the skin’s healing process. Skin flaps are a common choice for the operation due to the similarities in skin color and texture to missing tissue.

Tissue Expansion

For some patients, tissue expansions may be necessary to restore facial volume loss caused by surgical skin cancer removal. More specifically, tissue expansion techniques place materials beneath the skin to expand it while stimulating natural tissue growth. However, this technique is not a routine surgical method for Mohs reconstruction but instead is limited to specific cases.

Bone, Cartilage, and Skin Grafts

In most cases, Mohs reconstruction patients in Encino need a combination of skin, cartilage, and bone grafts to replace tissue loss and reconstruct their facial features. For example, the cartilage grafts may come from the ears or ribs to be reshaped for ear or nose reconstruction. Likewise, bone grafts reshape and transplant healthy bone from a patient’s skull into facial areas with bone loss, such as the cheeks.

Another frequent technique for Mohs facial reconstruction surgery is skin grafts, which take skin from different areas, most often the thighs, to replace damaged areas. A full-thickness graft may be used for facial areas with thicker skin as it transplants more dermal layers into deeper skin cancer lesions. Split-thickness skin grafts are the best option for reconstruction areas lacking the first few dermal layers.

Consider Mohs Reconstruction Surgery in Encino for Skin Cancer Cosmetic Treatment

If undergoing surgical skin cancer treatment leaves visible impacts on your neck, scalp, or facial appearance, it may also negatively impact your self-confidence. However, you could cosmetically and functionally restore the areas affected by skin cancer with Mohs reconstruction surgery in Encino.

Since the surgery takes a unique approach for a patient’s specific reconstruction needs, the first step is getting in touch with a licensed, certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Yaghoubian. Call now to arrange a consultation to discuss the best approach for restoring your facial appearance and self-confidence.