Neck Lift in Encino

Neck Lift in Encino

You have probably heard of neurotoxin injections in one way or another, whether through a friend, pop culture references, or from your dermatologist. There are many potential medical and cosmetic benefits of neurotoxin injections injections to consider when choosing a cosmetic procedure to improve your look. Some of the significant benefits that cause people to seek out neurotoxin injections in Encino are that it can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles of the face, decrease excessive sweating, relieve chronic migraines, treat overactive bladder, and alleviate muscle spasms on the face.

neurotoxin injections, also called botulinum toxin, is an FDA-approved muscle relaxant used to treat many underlying conditions in the body but it is most known for its anti-aging effects on the face. As a muscle relaxant, this non-surgical procedure works by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles, the movements of which are the underlying mechanism of wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the skin’s surface.

Dr. Yaghoubian and the experienced medical team at AESTHETICA LA can provide more information during an initial consultation.

The Cosmetic and Functional Benefits of neurotoxin injections

neurotoxin injections in Encino can be a relatively safe solution for many people to treat various problems in the body. As an injection, neurotoxin injections can target specific muscles and provide immediate relief for overactive muscles, the benefits of which can be both medical and cosmetic.

For example, in dermatology, neurotoxin injections is used to treat wrinkles around your mouth, horizontal forehead lines, crow’s feet, and vertical folds between your eyes. Other people may seek neurotoxin injections to treat severe underarm sweating, chronic migraines, overactive bladder, or eyelid spasms. Depending on the person and the muscle group being targeted, neurotoxin injections injections usually last about three to four months but can last up to six months for some. These injections are not permanent, so patients will have to return periodically for another session.

How Does neurotoxin injections Work?

Fine lines and wrinkles will form and deepen on the skin’s surface as the underlying facial muscles move and change over time. By stopping these muscles from contracting or moving, neurotoxin injections temporarily reduces the appearance of these wrinkles from below the skin’s surface.

neurotoxin injections injections in Encino work when a healthcare professional uses a needle to inject a small amount of the botulinum toxin (neurotoxin injections) into the muscle below the skin’s surface. In some cases, you may need many injections to affect different muscles in one procedure. These injections are relatively pain-free, so there should be no need to numb the treatment area. Results from the neurotoxin injections injections usually appear within the first 24 hours and may last up to six months.

At the end of that period, you may need to schedule a follow-up procedure with Dr. Yaghoubian to continue to see the benefits of neurotoxin injections.

Ask Us About Getting neurotoxin injections Injections in Encino

neurotoxin injections in Encino is a relatively safe procedure for most people when performed by an experienced medical professional. In addition, it provides benefits beyond the wrinkle reductions that you have likely heard about. During your initial consultation, you can ask Dr. Yaghoubian questions about the benefits of neurotoxin injections and the best way to ensure that the results last as long as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of neurotoxin injections injections and what to expect before, during, and after the procedure, reach out to AESTHETICA LA for more information.