Rhinoplasty Surgery in Encino

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Encino

The face has a few vital focal points that influence your facial proportions, balance, and symmetry, including the nose, which significantly affects each characteristic. Due to the prominent role that the nose plays in facial appearance, many people who want long-term size, shape, and other cosmetic improvements decide to get a rhinoplasty surgery in Encino. For example, many individuals make the choice to decrease their nose size and make it appear more symmetrical.

In addition to cosmetic improvements, you may want to consider rhinoplasty if you have impaired breathing from a deviated septum. If left untreated, a deviated septum could worsen and cause additional breathing difficulties, such as obstructive sleep apnea. In either case, consider working with our qualified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian to make long-lasting cosmetic and physical improvements to your nose.

Who Should You Consider a Rhinoplasty Operation?

An essential consideration for undergoing rhinoplasty surgery is whether a patient wants long-term cosmetic enhancements to the nose, be it for medical or cosmetic reasons. More precisely, many patients come to us because they find their nose’s shape, size, and general appearance to be embarrassing but feel significantly more confident after a rhinoplasty.

This surgery is usually only possible once nasal development finishes, so girls must be at least 15 to 17 years old, and boys between 17 and 19, at the youngest. Individuals who dislike the look of their nose and are of appropriate age should consider a rhinoplasty in Encino.

In addition to cosmetic motivations, the operation could minimize breathing difficulties that stem from a deviated septum narrowing a nasal passageway. However, it is not necessary to make structural improvements to the nose for rhinoplasty surgery if your only concern is the aesthetic.

Possible Enhancements from a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Frequent reasons that patients cite for getting a rhinoplasty procedure in Encino are to change the nose shape and size so it is more aligned with their other facial characteristics. For instance, patients may want to reduce their nose size if they consider it too prominent in relation to their chin, mouth, and eyes. In addition, Dr. Yaghoubian could alter the angle of the nose bridge in order to improve facial symmetry further.

People often want to get a nose job in order to correct bumpy or crooked bridges, wide nostrils, and drooping nasal tips. In some cases, they get a rhinoplasty to repair structural damage from external trauma or a congenital disability that contributes to breathing difficulties or cosmetic concerns.

Additional Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Beyond specific cosmetic and medical benefits, a rhinoplasty could substantially influence several features of your entire facial appearance. More precisely, when the nose is more symmetrical, the whole face appears more symmetrical. Typically, facial appearances are considered more attractive when they are more symmetrical, so Encino rhinoplasty patients feel more confident as a result.

Another primary objective of nasal surgery is to balance proportions between the nose and other facial features. For example, to balance proportions between the chin and nose, we could shorten a more prominent nose to match the chin’s projection. The improvements of both facial proportions balance and symmetry significantly enhance a patient’s overall attractiveness in many cases.

Learn More About the Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Encino

Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequent cosmetic procedures that plastic surgeons perform since the shape, size, and angle of the nose are among the most noticeable features on a person. Though you may have visible scarring afterward, the procedure can reduce breathing difficulties and provide various cosmetic improvements that are long-lasting.

The possibilities for rhinoplasty surgery in Encino are dependent on your cosmetic goals and unique nasal anatomy. Reach out to the experienced team at AESTHETICA LA to discuss the details of the procedure and the changes you would like to see.