Gender Confirmation Surgery in Encino

Gender Confirmation Surgery in Encino

Many transgender individuals have substantial emotional distress when their gender identity and physical body do not match. As a result, many individuals turn to gender confirmation surgery to correct their concerns for the long term. Research shows that gender confirmation procedures have significant psychological benefits for individuals by making notable physical changes with various operations.

Gender confirmation surgery in Encino includes multiple procedures for the face and body for individuals transitioning from male to female or from female to male. The best method for determining the correct surgeries and techniques is to discuss your cosmetic goals with an experienced plastic surgeon beforehand. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Yaghoubian at AESTHETICA LA if you are ready to feel more confident in your appearance and yourself. Her experience and commitment to your well-being puts her a cut above the rest when it comes to your plastic surgery journey.

Long-Term Psychological Benefits of Gender Confirmation Surgery

Though gender confirmation surgery is a procedure for physical and cosmetic modifications, the more notable changes for most patients are the long-term psychological benefits. Transgender individuals are four times more like to struggle with mental health disorders than the general population, most often anxiety disorders and major depressive disorder. The higher risk of mental illness for transgender people often results from the social discrimination and limitations they face in society.

However, patients who undergo gender confirmation procedures in Encino report fewer instances of emotional distress and depression symptoms after their operations. Patients also typically have a diminishing need for professional mental health services at an average rate of eight percent a year after gender confirmation surgery. In addition, gender confirmation operations often considerably improve an individual’s body image, self-image, and confidence, which can end up boosting relationship and general life quality.

Procedures for Gender Confirmation Surgery

Surgery for gender confirmation in Encino could include a combination of procedures for the upper body, lower body, and facial appearance transformations.

Transmasculine Top Surgery

Transmasculine top surgery is similar to a mastectomy operation as it removes breast fat, tissue, and skin to flatten and contour the chest of patients transitioning from female to male. The surgery often includes shape, size, and position alterations of the nipples and areolas to ensure proportional, natural-looking results.

Transmasculine Bottom Surgery

Patients undergoing a transition from female to male have transmasculine bottom surgery to create male genitalia from female genitalia tissue. The surgery typically requires several stages to create a functional penis, scrotum, and urethra successfully. The multiple procedures include a phalloplasty and metoidioplasty to produce a penis from a patient’s vaginal tissue.

Transfeminine Top Surgery

Similar to traditional breast augmentation surgery, transfeminine top surgery creates breasts by inserting implants into the chest of female transgender patients. If a patient wants more natural-looking and feeling breasts, the operation could use fat transfer techniques, but an individual must have a sufficient amount of excess fat in order to utilize this approach. Most often, the extra body fat that is necessary for this approach comes from the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen.

Transfeminine Bottom Surgery

An individual transitioning from male to female undergoes transfeminine bottom surgery to create female genitalia out of male genitalia tissue. The operation includes several techniques to construct the multiple components of a vagina, including the clitoris, vaginal canal, labia, and other critical structures.

Facial Masculinization or Feminization Surgery

Facial surgery for masculinization or feminization alters several facial features to change contours and definition, including the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, jawline, eyes, and lips. Facial feminization surgery alters masculine-appearing characteristics and creates more feminine contours by producing rounder, softer features and facial shapes. Facial masculinization takes the opposite approach by making rounder facial features appear more contoured, defined, and thus, more masculine.

Get in Touch with Us for a Gender Confirmation Surgery in Encino

If your gender identity does not align with your physical body, it could cause considerable emotional distress that leads to more severe effects on your mental health. Instead of feeling uncomfortable in your body, reach out for a consultation to discuss gender confirmation surgery in Encino and the specific procedures with our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Yaghoubian.

The operations include procedures for altering your chest, the pubic region, and your face to transform your figure and facial appearance into an ideal look that matches your gender identity. Call to schedule a private consultation for a more in-depth explanation of gender confirmation surgery and your specific treatment areas.