Arm Lift in West Hills

Arm Lift in West Hills

Weight fluctuations and aging commonly result in physical changes such as developing excess body fat across several areas, including the upper arms. While exercising is the best method for toning your arm’s muscle definition, it does not reduce skin laxity—which directly contributes to the loose, sagging appearance. If you are unhappy with your upper arm’s appearance, consider having a surgical arm lift in West Hills for both long-term muscle contour and skin improvements.

The body sculpting operation focuses on slimming the upper arms by using various surgical techniques depending on a patient’s cosmetic goals for surgery. Though a full recovery typically takes between three and four weeks, patients who maintain a stable weight after surgery enjoy their results for years. Contact our office to arrange an arm lift consultation with our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Yaghoubian, to hear more details about the procedure and your possible results.

Common Motivations for Arm Lift Surgery

When undergoing surgery, the primary motivation for many arm lift patients in West Hills is to remove sagging skin from the upper arms that hide muscle contours. Surgery could also remove excess fat deposits to enhance muscle definition and smoothen the skin, creating a more defined upper arm appearance. Typically, extra body fat from the upper arms is removed with liposuction techniques—but may not be necessary for every patient if the primary concern is skin laxity.

In many cases, patients undergo surgery after significantly loose skin develops due to genetics, aging, or significant weight fluctuations. An arm lift may also be a restorative option after substantial muscle and skin changes due to pregnancy. Additionally, the surgery is an excellent option for most individuals who are unhappy with their upper arms due to moderate or worsening skin laxity.

Procedure and Recovery Process for an Arm Lift

An arm lift procedure in West Hills focuses exclusively on the upper arms ranging from the armpits to the elbows, which is where most loose and hanging skin develops. After making an incision along the inner or back of the upper arms, liposuction may be the first step if a patient needs excess fat removal. Afterward, if necessary, Dr. Yaghoubian strengthens the skin’s support by tightening and reshaping the underlying muscle tissues with stitches.

Once internal alterations are complete during an arm lift procedure, Dr. Yaghoubian cuts away any excess skin before tightening the remaining skin over the muscles. After surgery, the patient must refrain from most physical activities, such as raising their arms above the shoulders, for three to four weeks. Once eight weeks of recovery have passed, most patients may resume their routine daily activities, including more strenuous exercise and heavy lifting.

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Despite your best efforts, exercising and dieting may not be successful when attempting to slim your upper arms, especially if you have loose skin in this area. If this is the case, the most effective option for restoring and enhancing your upper arms is an arm lift in West Hills. The surgery could reduce the appearance of “batwing” arms by eliminating excess skin and fat deposits that contribute to visible sagging on the back and underside of the upper arms.

Further, the operation tightens underlying tissues in these areas to strengthen your skin’s support and prevent the condition from reoccurring sooner. However, to maintain your arm lift results, it is vital to avoid significant weight fluctuations—which could result in loose skin and extra upper arm fat redeveloping. Get in touch with our team at AESTHETICA LA to learn more about the procedure, recovery process, and potential benefits.