Brazilian Butt Lift in West Hills

Brazilian Butt Lift in West Hills

Rounder, more voluminous buttocks are a physical attribute many individuals strive for. However, diet and exercise alone may not be enough for some people to develop their ideal shape and size. If you are looking to achieve a curvier figure, a Brazilian butt lift may be the ideal solution for you.

This procedure achieves a defined and voluminous butt through body fat transfer for a natural appearance. An additional benefit of the surgery is the slimming effect in areas of fat removal for transfer to the buttocks. If you are considering a Brazilian butt lift in West Hills, reach out to the knowledgeable team at AESTHETICA LA to learn how you could benefit from this popular procedure.

How a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery is Performed

Brazilian butt lift surgeries use a fat transfer to enhance the buttocks. First, excess body fat is taken from the thigh, hips, or abdomen to be cleaned and purified. Then, it is reinjected into the buttocks in strategic locations to enhance contours and restore volume in a natural-looking way.

The procedure creates a slimmer appearance in the body fat removal areas while enhancing the buttocks. Additionally, the fat transfer method makes the buttocks look and feel natural while significantly increasing in size.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

The primary benefit that our West Hills patients experience after a Brazilian butt lift is an enhanced size and more contoured shape to the buttocks. However, the surgery can also help balance the body proportions and provide a curvier, more feminine figure.

Many patients who seek these enhancements also find that they are more comfortable in their clothing and have better self-confidence after the surgery. Additionally, the slimming effects on areas of fat removal further enhance the body proportions and increase a patient’s confidence.

Recovery Process and Results for a Buttocks Lift

Enhancements from a Brazilian butt lift can last for several months to years after the procedure. Maintaining results is possible with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Typically, recovery after the procedure takes several weeks before it is safe to resume daily activities. Since the body reabsorbs some of the fat injected into the buttocks, the final results may take several months to be apparent. In a consultation, our board-certified surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian can further explain the process after a Brazilian butt lift to West Hills residents considering the procedure.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Since a Brazilian butt lift procedure uses fat transfer, a patient must meet a few physical qualifications to be an ideal candidate. First and most importantly, the patient must have enough excess body fat on the hips, thigh, or abdomen for the fat transfer. Additionally, the patient needs to be healthy to ensure the fat transfer does not cause adverse impacts on the body.

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Beyond the cosmetic benefits, a Brazilian butt lift can also positively impact your overall self-image and help you feel more confident in your skin. In addition to more prominent buttocks, the surgery could balance proportions for patients whose lower body is smaller than the upper body.

Many of our patients at AESTHETICA LA seek a Brazilian butt lift in West Hills to achieve natural-looking, firmer, and curvier buttocks using body fat transfer. Call our clinic to discuss this procedure and learn how our dedicated team can help you live your most confident life.