Thigh Lift in West Hills

Thigh Lift in West Hills

Many people experience physical changes after significant weight loss, aging, or pregnancy, often resulting in loose skin and extra fat deposits on the inner and outer thighs. If you are unhappy with your current appearance, consider a thigh lift in West Hills. This operation could address several cosmetic concerns you may have regarding your thighs, and ultimately restore them to your ideal shape.

When considering a thigh lift, there are various surgical body sculpting techniques to consider. However, with any approach, the procedure could rebalance your figure’s proportions and boost your self-confidence. Though scarring is unavoidable with the operation, certain methods could minimize their visibility while still effectively contouring the thighs. Reach out to our knowledgeable team at AESTHETICA LA to schedule an initial consultation where you can discuss any concerns, your surgical goals, and the best procedure for your needs.

Reasons Why People Consider a Thigh Lift

Primarily, thigh lift patients in West Hills undergo surgery to slim their thighs by surgically removing excess skin and fat from inner or outer areas. The surgery is a common choice for mommy makeover procedures after a pregnancy resulted in loose, sagging skin and extra fat on the thighs. Additionally, thigh lift surgery is a frequent surgical body contouring option for individuals after a substantial weight loss.

Specifically, the surgery could noticeably reduce thigh sagging and cellulite caused by loose skin and extra body fat. As a result, the operation balances a patient’s body proportions and creates firmer, slimmer, and younger-looking thighs, reducing clothing difficulties for many. Further, patients usually report significant improvements in their body image and self-confidence after the procedure.

However, as with most body contouring procedures, thigh lift patients must maintain a stable weight after surgery to preserve their surgical results. If a patient undergoes significant weight gain or physical changes, such as pregnancy, thigh lift results could diminish.

Surgical Approaches for a Thigh Lift Procedure

Experienced surgeons performing thigh lift procedures in West Hills, like Dr. Yaghoubian, use various techniques for slimming particular areas of the thighs, such as:

Inner (Medial) Thigh Lift

Inner thigh lift procedures remove loose skin and extra fat deposits extending between the groin toward the knees to reduce sagging and redefine contours. This approach may vary for some patients depending on if the procedure targets the lower or upper portions of the inner thighs, though the surgery could enhance the entire area.

Outer (Bilateral) Thigh Lift

An outer thigh lift surgery focuses on enhancing the front and exterior areas of the thighs with excess fat and sagging skin. In some cases, the operation could reduce surplus fat accumulation from around the waist and buttocks with liposuction. After removing excess skin and fat, Dr. Yaghoubian repositions muscle tissue and tightens the remaining skin to improve contour definition and reduce skin dimpling.

Mini Thigh Lift

Some patients may want to consider a mini thigh lift if there are minimal amounts of extra fat, skin, and sagging, primarily around the upper areas of the inner thighs. An incision along the groin allows liposuction to remove excess fat before Dr. Yaghoubian trims away loose skin for this thigh lift approach. Afterward, she tightens and repositions the remaining skin over muscle contours to reduce visible sagging.

Schedule Your Thigh Lift in West Hills Today

Sagging skin and extra fat developing around your thighs is a common side effect of growing older, pregnancy, and dramatic weight loss. For some, these changes could result in an aged, sagging appearance that leaves you less confident in your appearance. If you are dissatisfied with your figure, consider the long-lasting enhancements of an inner, outer, or mini thigh lift in West Hills.

This operation could slim your thighs and give you the younger-looking, contoured shape you desire. If you want noteworthy cosmetic changes to your thighs and the confidence that comes with being comfortable in your own skin, contact our team at AESTHETICA LA today to schedule your thigh lift procedure.