Mini Tummy Tuck in West Hills

Mini Tummy Tuck in West Hills

Many individuals reach a point where they are unhappy with the way their stomach and waist look due to their loose skin, excess fat, and declining muscle tone. Though exercise and diet could be somewhat successful at slimming the upper and mid-abdomen, a common area of difficulty for many people is the lower abdomen. If you have a similar concern, you should consider the long-term lower abdominal improvements with a mini tummy tuck in West Hills.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, a mini tummy tuck surgery has several medical advantages compared to a complete tummy tuck procedure. You could feel significantly more confident in your appearance after the operation, especially with tight-fitting or more revealing clothing. Call to schedule a consultation with experiencing body sculpting surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian if you want to hear more details about the procedure’s long-term benefits.

Essential Differences of Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

The primary difference of a mini tummy tuck procedure is the treatment area, which is specifically the lower abdomen between the belly button and pubic region. Alternatively, a full abdominoplasty targets the entire abdomen from the rib cage to the pubic area, including the abdominal muscle wall. The mini version could repair minimal damage to the lower abdominal muscles, further minimizing fullness in this area.

Mini tummy tuck patients in West Hills enjoy similar slimming effects from excess skin and fat removal on their abdomen, but exclusively below the belly button. Ideal candidates for this procedure do not have excess fat and loose skin on the abdomen above the belly button extending to the rib cage. It should also be noted that the operation does not involve altering the belly button’s appearance or position on the stomach, which is a routine technique during traditional surgery.

The incision that Dr. Yaghoubian makes along the abdomen above the pubic area is notably shorter for a mini tummy tuck procedure, often by six to 12 inches. Due to this change, patients have less scarring, recovery time, and risks after a mini tummy tuck operation.

Who Should Consider a Mini Tummy Tuck Instead of a Full Procedure?

Since the procedure is less invasive and targets a smaller area, mini tummy tuck patients in West Hills have a shorter recovery period, typically by two weeks, compared to traditional operations. This approach requires only one incision along the lower abdomen, which is easily hidden beneath clothing and reduces additional visible scarring afterward. Due to this, a mini procedure is an excellent option for individuals who want to minimize the possibility of lengthy recovery periods and significant scarring in more visible areas.

Since a mini tummy tuck does not substantially improve the abdominal muscles, individuals with significant muscle damage should consider a complete procedure. For instance, women considering tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy typically have significant abdominal muscle damage that may not be repaired with a mini approach. This procedure is better suited for individuals who want to enhance their lower abdomen exclusively but are already close to their ideal weight.

Contact Us for a Mini Tummy Tuck Assessment in West Hills

One of the most frequent problem areas for adults concerning extra body fat and loose skin is the abdomen, particularly the lower abdomen. Though many patients consider the enhancements they could get from an abdominoplasty, if you struggle with fullness exclusively in your lower abdomen, consider a mini tummy tuck in West Hills instead.

The physical enhancements are more subtle, but the shorter recovery period, minimal scarring, and notable emotional benefits are worthwhile for most patients. If you want long-lasting abdominal enhancements to your lower abdomen exclusively, contact the team at AESTHETICA LA for a mini tummy tuck consultation to discuss your possibilities for self-improvement.