Breast Augmentation in West Hills

Breast Augmentation in West Hills

Breasts are an important factor for many women regarding their femininity, figure, and appearance. Some women with naturally smaller chest sizes may want a rounder, curvier look. Breast augmentation is a way of achieving a more balanced, enhanced appearance with long-lasting results. Additionally, the operation could counteract changes to breast size and shape resulting from weight loss, aging, or pregnancy.

In addition to physical improvements, our clinic offers breast augmentation in West Hills to help boost a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. If you are considering this procedure, schedule a consultation with AESTHETICA LA today to learn about your options from a board-certified surgeon.

Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation

Many women want to enhance their breast size for a wide variety of cosmetic and physical reasons. Typically, patients seek out the surgery because they feel their natural breast size is too small or their breasts have changed due to pregnancy, aging, or weight loss. The procedure restores breast volume and contours using either implants or fat transfer.

Beyond increasing breast size, breast augmentation surgery provides several other physical enhancements. For example, the procedure could improve breast symmetry, lift breast placement on the chest, and balance body proportions. Experienced surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian consults with patients on a plan to create the perfect harmonious proportions of the chest and hips, a crucial factor of an hourglass figure.

Breast Augmentation Procedure Methods

At our West Hills clinic, we offer two surgical methods for breast augmentation, depending on a patient’s specific goals.

Breast Implants

Most patients opt for the traditional use of silicone or saline breast implants during the procedure, which allows them to choose their ideal implant material, size, and shape. Implants result in breasts that are firmer, rounder, and project farther from the chest than with fat transfers. Breast implants will require replacement every ten to 15 years.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation using a fat transfer produces more natural-looking results due to the natural body materials used. As a result, breasts enhanced with this method are not immune from natural aging signs, such as breast sagging and stretched skin. Some women may not qualify for this procedure if there is not enough extra tissue in other body areas for the transfer. In an initial consultation, Dr. Yaghoubian can help a patient determine whether they are a good candidate for breast augmentation through fat transfer.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation.

Recovery after a breast augmentation takes several weeks before swelling, bruising, and soreness subside. A patient should wait at least two weeks before returning to work and resuming strenuous activities. Our skilled surgeon can further explain the recovery process for a breast augmentation surgery and help a patient prepare for the post-operation.

Call a West Hills Surgeon to Discuss Breast Augmentation

Though many people think breast augmentation surgery is solely for increasing breast size, the operation provides various physical enhancements. Additionally, most women gain higher self-confidence and self-esteem levels after the surgery. Ultimately, there are many different reasons for seeking breast augmentation in West Hills, and the skilled surgical team at AESTHETICA LA can help you reap the benefits and meet your specific goals.

In a consultation, our doctor will help determine which surgical method and plan is right for you and your needs. If you are considering this surgery, call us today and get answers to all your questions.