Breast Reconstruction in West Hills

Breast Reconstruction in West Hills

Unfortunately, many breast cancer patients must undergo mastectomy surgery to remove affected breast tissues. Since the operation can significantly alter a patient’s breast shape, size, and volume, many women turn to breast reconstruction in West Hills. Depending on your cosmetic preferences, the surgery could take various approaches to restore your breast contours either with implants or utilizing the flap technique.

However, breast reconstruction may require several procedures to achieve your ideal result, depending on your mastectomy surgery and medical history. After breast surgery, patients report feeling more confident in their appearance and experiencing an overall better quality of life. If you are considering mastectomy surgery or are ready for breast reconstruction procedures, get in touch with our talented team at AESTHETICA LA to schedule your consultation.

Approaches to Consider for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Several augmentation approaches are possible for reconstructing the breasts after a mastectomy procedure. Specifically, breast reconstruction patients in West Hills must decide between using breast implants or flap techniques to restore breast size, shape, and volume. Further, patients may choose silicone or saline breast implants, which offer different cosmetic and medical advantages.

Silicone and Saline Implants

As with breast augmentation surgery, saline implants for breast reconstruction allow breast size and shape to easily be altered by adjusting the amount of material within an implant. Further, saline implants are less likely to pose health risks in the rare instance of a breast implant rupture or leak. Alternatively, silicone implant material looks and feels more like natural breast tissue and could provide more dramatic breast enhancements, but it is more challenging to detect silicone implant ruptures.

Flap Technique

On the other hand, breast reconstruction surgery may use a flap technique, which reshapes excess fat and tissue from other body areas into new breast contours. With this approach, patients typically have breasts that look and feel more natural than breast reconstruction with silicone or saline implants. However, a flap technique also requires patients to have sufficient tissue for the transfer and is better suited for reconstruction of smaller and medium-sized breasts.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Results

Breast reconstruction surgery replaces breast tissue volume removed during breast cancer treatments. Like with augmentation surgery, patients may choose to cosmetically enhance their breasts from the various breast implant shapes, sizes, profiles, and material options.

Breast implants may be rounder or teardrop-shaped and range from low-profile projection to high-profile projection. In addition to restoring the breasts’ appearance, breast reconstruction operations in West Hills combine nipple and areola reconstruction surgery when necessary. For this portion of the procedure, the surgeon may use tissue from other body areas to reconstruct the nipples and areolas in combination with tattooing techniques.

Get in Touch for a Breast Reconstruction Consultation in West Hills

Many women consider their breasts a vital component of their appearance and identity, so when mastectomy surgery visibly changes breast contours, consider breast reconstruction in West Hills. Though you may need a few separate procedures to make the desired cosmetic corrections, the enhancements are long-lasting and worthwhile. Further, mastectomy patients that undergo breast reconstruction surgery frequently show improvements regarding body image and quality of life.

However, breast reconstruction patients should have realistic expectations for their final results, as they will most likely feel and look different than an individual’s natural chest. Since the best approach to your breast reconstruction procedure is dependent on your specific cosmetic goals, medical history, and natural physique, contact us for a personal consultation today.