Breast Reduction in West Hills

Breast Reduction in West Hills

Large breasts may be ideal for some women but they could cause several physical and emotional issues for others. For example, your larger chest size might prevent you from participating in specific exercises and wardrobe options, or it could cause physical pain. In that case, a breast reduction in West Hills is the best choice for decreasing your breast size and relieving the adverse effects.

The procedure aims to reduce breasts to your ideal cup size but your natural chest could limit your surgical options. Further, breast reduction surgery poses health risks, side effects, and several weeks of recovery to consider beforehand. However, you can schedule a consultation at AESTHETICA LA with experienced breast surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian to learn more about the surgery, recovery process, and potential benefits of getting smaller breasts.

Popular Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery

Prevalent problems with larger breast sizes tend to be the physical discomfort and limitations due to additional weight from excess breast fat, tissue, and skin. For example, more prominent breasts could cause significant shoulder, back, and neck pain. In addition, necessary clothing might cause discomfort, such as shoulder indentations from bra straps.

Many women with bigger breasts also struggle with exercise, limitations with clothing, and rashes within the breast folds. Further, more prominent breasts may negatively impact a patient’s body proportions, affecting their appearance, wardrobe choices, and self-confidence. However, a popular reason amongst breast reduction patients is cosmetic changes for aesthetic reasons.

Beyond physical and cosmetic motivations for the surgery, many women undergo a breast reduction for emotional reasons. If a larger chest size is regularly affecting their self-esteem or social life, breast reduction surgery in West Hills is an excellent option for long-term improvements.

Steps Involved in a Breast Reduction Procedure

Since breast reduction surgery is invasive, patients are put under general anesthesia before the surgical process begins. Next, Dr. Yaghoubian can make incisions solely around the areola and nipple, or make a vertical incision to the breast crease to remove excess tissue, fat, and skin. In some cases, when patients have more extra breast fat than tissue or skin, she may use liposuction at the same incision points.

After removing excess breast tissue, the remaining tissue undergoes reshaping and lifting to improve breast tightness, firmness, and support. For some women, especially those with extremely large breasts, breast reduction surgery in West Hills could reduce the areola by removing skin at the perimeter. Additionally, if necessary, the nipples may be repositioned to a higher placement on the breast to accommodate reduction and lifting changes.

Afterward, newly shaped breasts require sutures, surgical tape, or skin adhesive to close incisions and support breast tissue while the skin heals. Typically, patients need a week or two of recovery before returning to work, and must limit rigorous exercise and specific actions for at least one month after surgery. Afterwards, breast reduction results are immediately noticeable but will finalize after several weeks once swelling, bruising, and scarring have faded.

Schedule a Consultation for a Breast Reduction in West Hills

The best long-term solution for relieving your discomfort and limitations due to larger breasts is a breast reduction in West Hills. The procedure removes excess breast tissue while enhancing the remaining tissue, and most patients will reduce by one or two cup sizes. Although you will need several weeks to recover, research shows that 95 percent of breast reduction patients are satisfied with their results.

In addition to physical improvements, breast reduction surgery may provide emotional benefits if having more prominent breasts negatively impacts your self-esteem. Reach out to the team at AESTHETICA LA to schedule a breast reduction consultation if you want to learn more about your options and possible benefits.