Breast Revision Surgery in West Hills

Breast Revision Surgery in West Hills

Breast revision surgery is a procedure that aims to correct problems that may have occurred following a primary breast augmentation or reconstruction surgery. Problems from breast reconstruction may occur because of complications with breast implants, or dissatisfaction with cosmetic results of a mastectomy or reconstruction due to other trauma. Breast revision surgery in West Hills aims to improve the appearance of your breasts by performing a secondary surgery to improve the results from the first one.

If you are unhappy with a reconstruction surgery or if you have had your implants for long enough that they need to be replaced, you should seek advice from an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Yaghoubian to discuss breast revision surgery in West Hills. Breast revisions are an individualized approach to address your unique goals and improve your overall satisfaction with the way you look.

Complications Requiring Breast Revision

Unless complications have occurred during the initial breast reconstruction surgery, it may take time to realize a problem exists following the procedure. As a result, it is vital to know the symptoms to look for to prevent adverse health effects from developing. Some of the indications that a complication may have occurred after breast reconstruction include:

  • Breast pain or discomfort lasting longer or appearing after the projected recovery time
  • Changes in position, shape, or size of the breast or underlying implant
  • Increased firmness or a palpable lump in the breast area
  • Other abnormal changes in breast tissue

If any of the above signs or symptoms occur, it could signify that breast revision surgery in West Hills should be the next step to correct the underlying issue.

Considerations for Breast Revision

Since it is normal for some swelling, wrinkling, or other minor imbalance or distorted breast appearance following breast reconstruction surgery, your surgeon may recommend waiting a few months to see if the issue will resolve naturally during the initial healing process. Additionally, if your breast revision surgery in West Hills follows a mastectomy, and you are still undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, you will need to hold off on seeking a correction until those treatments are complete.

However, in the event that you learn you are a candidate for breast revision surgery, it is essential to consider the potential risks of undertaking any surgical procedure, especially one that involves anesthesia, as these may carry an increased risk for some individuals. Be sure to discuss your medical history and prior surgeries with Dr. Yaghoubian, as certain conditions may require longer recovery times or alternative techniques for successful outcomes. These conditions may include a history of multiple breast surgeries, diabetes, circulatory problems, bleeding disorders, or smoking.

If you are concerned about the risks associated with breast revision surgery, you can bring it up during an initial consultation.

Contact Us for a Breast Revision Surgery in West Hills

Even if you got your primary breast augmentation or reconstruction at a different plastic surgery center, AESTHETICA LA is happy to work with you on a revision. Whether you are looking for a revision due to cosmetic issues or because your implants need to be replaced, Dr. Yaghoubian can work with anyone who is looking to rejuvenate their appearance.

Breast revision surgery in West Hills can help you regain your quality of life, self-confidence, and satisfaction with how you look. So consider giving us a call today to learn how we can help you achieve the aesthetic that you have always wanted.