Chin Augmentation in West Hills

Chin Augmentation in West Hills

A primary and essential feature of your facial appearance is the chin, and its size and shape can significantly influence facial proportions. Specifically, when a chin is smaller than the nose, it may make the nose look more prominent and disrupt facial harmony. If this describes your situation, chin augmentation in West Hills is a viable long-term solution for enhancing the chin’s size and refining its shape to enhance your facial appearance.

This type of facial plastic surgery is best for individuals who have an underdeveloped chin and jawline. Additional surgeries that can further enhance your chin and face may be done simultaneously as chin augmentation surgery. Schedule a consultation with AESTHETICA LA and speak with Dr. Yaghoubian about a treatment plan to enhance your jawline.

Appearance Changes from Chin Augmentation Surgery

Primarily, chin augmentation surgery in West Hills aims to enhance the chin’s size and contours in addition to the jawline. As a result, it should restore balance to the facial proportions regarding the nose, as the chin and nose are two of the essential focal points of the face. Ideally, an individual’s chin and nose project outward to approximately the same length, but if someone has a shorter chin, augmentation via implant can correct this concern.

By enhancing the chin’s size, the jawline definition improves to rebuild facial balance further. At the same time, patients may undergo additional cosmetic procedures that improve facial appearance in various ways. For example, a rhinoplasty, neck lift, and facelift surgery are all supplementary procedures that could further enhance jawline and nose definition. Speak with Dr. Yaghoubian about whether any of these procedures can be paired with a chin augmentation in the same day.

Steps Involved in a Chin Augmentation

Since chin augmentation procedures in West Hills are comparatively minor, a patient may choose to receive either local or general anesthesia, though the latter poses the possibility of adverse allergic reactions. After anesthesia administration, a small incision below the chin or within the mouth allows for a custom-made chin implant to be placed on top of the existing chin bone. The implant goes within the space below the facial muscles and in front of the bone, to be attached with stitches or screws.

In some cases, Dr. Yaghoubian may move the lower jawbones forward to project the chin further. However, this approach poses higher risks of complications than implants. In addition, after the implant is in place, dissolvable sutures close the small incision, which may leave minor scarring if the incision is underneath the chin.

Recovery Timeline After Chin Implants

A chin augmentation requires some recovery time, typically one to three weeks for the incision to fully heal. Since the surgery is an outpatient procedure, patients can return home the same day unless an additional surgery that is performed at the same time necessitates overnight observation. After seven to ten days of recovery, most patients return to work and daily activities.

The most prevalent side effects during recovery include swelling, bruising, and possible implant movement. For some, swelling could persist for six weeks, while chin numbness may last for up to three months. In some cases, chin augmentation patients may need a liquid diet for at least one to two days after surgery.

Learn More About Getting a Chin Augmentation in West Hills

An underdeveloped chin significantly impacts your facial appearance. To address this issue, chin augmentation in West Hills is a procedure that uses a chin implant to redefine your chin’s size and shape to balance the facial proportions. Afterward, your chin looks more prominent, resulting in a less prominent nose and a more defined jawline.

Since the surgery requires only one small incision and a few weeks of recovery, it is an ideal long-term solution for weaker chins. Reach out to AESTHETICA LA if you think your chin is underdeveloped and want to see if you qualify for the procedure.