Neck Lift in West Hills

Neck Lift in West Hills

Sagging skin on your chin, jawline, and neck could significantly age your appearance and hide facial contours. Furthermore, if your aging signs have become worse over time, surgery may be the only corrective option. A neck lift in West Hills is the best choice for redefining and rejuvenating your neck and lower facial appearance in the long term.

Although the procedure could make substantial differences to your appearance, it does pose moderate side effects and several weeks of recovery. Despite this, the results of a neck lift could last for several years after the procedure, making them a worthwhile investment for many patients. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Yaghoubian at AESTHETICA LA if you want to enhance your facial appearance and contours by getting rid of loose, sagging skin.

Possible Physical Changes with a Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery removes excess fat and severely sagging skin around the jawline to improve definition. Specifically, the procedure could remove excess fat underneath the chin that leads to a double chin appearance. In addition, it could reduce the excess fat within the lower face, such as the cheeks, that creates jowls.

The surgery could also correct muscle banding on the neck that produces abnormal contours. Ultimately, the primary purpose of neck lift surgery is to restore a patient’s facial contours in the lower face and neck to provide for a younger facial appearance.

The Procedure for Performing a Neck Lift

Since neck lift surgery in West Hills is a substantial procedure, patients will be put under using general anesthesia. Next, if a patient wants minor changes during surgery, a limited incision around the ear is possible, but a traditional procedure uses an incision from the hairline around the ear. Afterward, liposuction is used to liquefy and vacuum the excess fat cells from the chin, neck, and jawline while the remaining fat is repositioned.

Once the excess fat is gone, Dr. Yaghoubian may reposition and tighten the underlying muscles to enhance the skin’s support. Additionally, after trimming sagging, loose skin, she can move and tighten the remaining skin over the newly enhanced facial contours. After completing necessary changes, sutures or skin adhesive are utilized to close the incisions and begin the healing process.

Recovering After a Neck Lift Procedure

As with any kind of surgical intervention, neck lift surgery in West Hills poses the risks of bruising, swelling, scarring, and infection during recovery. Some patients may have drainage tubes coming out of their incisions for a day or two to prevent fluid buildup underneath the skin. Therefore, keeping the head elevated and straight with no excessive twisting or bending during the first weeks of recovery is essential to reduce swelling.

Typically, patients return to work after two weeks of recovery when most side effects, including bruising, discomfort, and swelling, have subsided. Skin tightness may persist for several weeks after surgery. Patients fully recover from neck lift surgery after six weeks of recovery and at this time they may resume all of their daily activities, including exercise.

Schedule a Consultation for a Neck Lift in West Hills

If you have the appearance of a double chin or “turkey neck” that makes you look older than you are, then a neck lift surgery in West Hills is an effective long-term enhancement solution. Since the procedure eliminates sagging, loose skin, and unnecessary fat on the lower face, neck, and jawline, you could look substantially younger after surgery is complete.

There will be several weeks of recovery but the enhanced facial contours tend to last for many years after surgery. To hear more about what this procedure has to offer, reach out to AESTHETICA LA to schedule an appointment with our skilled medical team.