Breast Revision Surgery in Tarzana

Breast Revision Surgery in Tarzana

Breast implants can enhance the chest for beautiful, balanced appearance. However, these implants need to be removed or replaced every ten to 15 years. At AESTHETICA LA, Dr. Yaghoubian is skilled at performing breast revision surgery to replace older implants and improve or change the size, shape, feel, and look of your breasts.

Over time, the size and shape of breasts change due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. Breast revision surgery corrects any physical changes by replacing older implants and renewing your appearance. If you are no longer happy with the size, shape, or feel or your implants, consider breast revision surgery in Tarzana. Dr. Yaghoubian can help you refresh your look and regain your ideal breasts.

Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

Breast implants are not meant for life-long use and slowly break down over time, resulting in breast changes and potential health risks. Implants need replacement every ten to 15 years to avoid problems such as ruptures and leaking into the breast tissue. If a breast implant ruptures, leaks, or simply needs to be replaced, breast revision surgery removes them and inserts newer implants to reduce the risk of health complications.

Beyond health concerns, an individual may want breast revision surgery due to cosmetic changes in the implants. As implants age, they change in various ways depending on implant material and a person’s physical activities. Implants may deflate or shift in position, leading to a suboptimal breast appearance. Dr. Yaghoubian can perform breast revision surgery to restore a patient’s ideal breast shape, size, and placement with newer implants.

Alterations through Breast Revision Surgery

Breast revision surgery aims to improve breast size, shape, and overall look with newer implants after initial breast enhancement results have deteriorated. For example, if the placement of breast implants has shifted over time, a revision surgery can correct where the implants sit on the chest to create a lifted, youthful look.

Additionally, a patient can change their implant size through breast revision surgery if a smaller or larger implant better suits their current desires. If a patient is unhappy with their initial choice of implant material, this surgery also allows for a switch to a different type of implant. Dr. Yaghoubian can discuss all of a patient’s concerns and goals with them to determine the perfect plan for their breast revision surgery.

Health Benefits of Breast Revision Surgery

For some patients, a breast enhancement results in scar tissue formation that hardens and leads to chest pain. Through breast revision surgery, Dr. Yaghoubian can remove scar tissue from previous breast surgeries to alleviate pain and tightness in the chest. Additionally, if an implant has ruptured, resulting in a leak, she will remove implant material from the surrounding breast tissue to ensure that the patient’s health is not at risk.

Breast revision surgery has many physical and cosmetic benefits. By replacing implants and removing scar tissue, Dr. Yaghoubian helps patients refresh their appearance and decrease and pain or discomfort.

Breast Revision Surgery for Restoring Your Chest in Tarzana

Many different factors may lead you to consider breast revision surgery. Common motivators include health concerns, implant changes over time, and new desires for one’s appearance. If you have had breast implants for ten to 15 years, you should consider replacing them even if you do not have any pressing cosmetic or health concerns.

Dr. Yaghoubian performs breast revision surgery in Tarzana to help patients restore their breasts and fix any alterations in shape, size, or placement. This option also allows patients to increase or decrease the size of their implants if their lifestyle or cosmetic goals have changed. No matter your reason for seeking breast revision surgery, our skillful and empathetic surgeon will help you achieve your goals and gain renewed confidence in your life. Call today.