J-Plasma Skin Tightening in Tarzana

J-Plasma Skin Tightening in Tarzana

As you age, or if you undergo rapid weight gain and loss, your skin loses elasticity and loosens. Luckily, there are options for tightening and smoothing the skin without undergoing invasive surgery. AESTHETICA LA offers J-Plasma skin tightening in Tarzana to create a more youthful appearance without prolonged downtime or extensive scarring.

This minimally invasive procedure can target a variety of locations, depending on your unique concerns. Our team of trained professionals is available to help you decide on an effective treatment plan for you and your goals.

J-Plasma Treatment Zones

J-Plasma offers diverse treatment options, making it a popular option for a wide variety of patients. J-plasma can treat almost any area of the body with loose or sagging skin, such as the arms, knees, thighs, and stomach. Patients may also opt to use J-Plasma to treat the abdomens, breasts, buttocks, lower face, and neck. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian and the team at our Tarzana clinic can help a patient determine what areas to treat with J-Plasma in an initial consultation.

How J-Plasma Works

J-Plasma is a slender device that heats helium gas into a plasma stream using radiofrequency. A physician makes small incisions, inserts the device just under the skin, and exposes targeted areas to the plasma. Helium gas is naturally a cold gas and immediately cools the plasma stream, preventing excess tissue damage. The quick burst of heat causes the subdermal tissue to contract and produce collagen as it heals. The surgeon will suture up the incision points, and the patient is free to go home after the sedative medication has worn off.

Length of recovery varies from patient to patient, but most experience some oozing and redness for the first week or two. Mild redness in the treated areas may persist for up to three months. Most people experience mild to moderate discomfort in the initial days following treatment. Over-the-counter medication typically help to effectively manage the discomfort.

J-Plasma with Liposuction

Liposuction is often performed with J-Plasma skin tightening to maximize results. The procedure and recovery time are not significantly different when combining liposuction with J-Plasma skin tightening. No additional incisions are needed, and recovery time remains minimal. This combination can create a smoother, more toned appearance than liposuction alone.

Results of J-Plasma at our Tarzana Clinic

J-plasma provides lasting results by stimulating collagen production beneath the skin, where replacing lost collagen makes the most significant difference. Although the skin will continue to age over time, the effects of J-Plasma are different from temporary fillers that require maintenance to sustain results. With J-Plasma at our local clinic, only one treatment per area is necessary to fulfill a patient’s skin tightening needs. Improvement is immediate, and patients can expect maximum results around nine months post-procedure.

Get Smooth, Toned Skin with J-Plasma at our Tarzana Clinic

If you want to target specific areas of loose skin but wish to avoid surgery, you might be the perfect candidate for J-Plasma skin tightening in Tarzana. Trained plastic surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian and the team at AESTHETICA LA can help you better understand the many benefits of this procedure in an initial consultation.

We provide a thorough evaluation to ensure you get the most out of your customized treatment plan. Call to schedule a consultation to go over your questions and discuss your needs. Our welcoming staff will walk you through everything you need to know so you can comfortably make the right choice for your cosmetic goals.