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Dr. Yaghoubian excels in the art of breast augmentation, offering personalized enhancements to accentuate your natural beauty. Each procedure is meticulously tailored to meet your specific desires and goals, whether you seek increased volume, improved symmetry, or enhanced shape. With Dr. Yaghoubian’s expertise and compassionate approach, embark on a journey to rediscover confidence and embrace the transformative power of breast augmentation.

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What is a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammoplasty, can increase the size of the breasts or correct breast deformities. This can balance out cosmetic issues such as one breast being noticeably larger or a different shape than the other.

The procedure can also enlarge and shape tuberous breasts, a condition in which the breasts did not develop fully during puberty. Breast augmentation can also restore the fullness of the chest after losing a significant amount of weight or breastfeeding, creating a more youthful, shapely figure.

No matter the reason, breast augmentation can help you increase your confidence and gain a more positive self-image.

What Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Involve?

Before performing surgery, Dr. Yaghoubian seeks your input on what you are hoping to achieve. She will share before and after pictures to help you get an idea of the difference that surgery has made in other cases. It is important to keep your goals realistic and discuss your concerns with a knowledgeable doctor who can fully explain the procedure.

Dr. Yaghoubian then performs breast augmentation at an outpatient surgery center or hospital, depending on your case. You can choose one of two types of breast augmentation surgery: artificial implants or fat transfer. For either procedure, you will be under general anesthesia when she makes the incision, usually near the bottom of the breast.

Breast Implant Surgery:

For surgery using implants, your doctor inserts the implants either under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. The implants are made of a silicone shell with either a silicone gel or a saline solution inside.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer:

For breast augmentation with fat transfer, the procedure involves removing fat from another part of your body—usually the buttocks or thighs—and injecting it into your breasts. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication for you after the surgery. It is also recommended that you wear a support bra during the day and night to reduce swelling while you are healing.

How Long Is The Recovery Period After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

For the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery, you should get lots of rest and avoid activity. Some soreness and swelling are normal. Over the next few days, you should follow your doctor’s post-operative instructions, including no heavy lifting or exercise. Dr. Yaghoubian will schedule post-surgery checkups with you and let you know when you can resume all of your normal activities.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing An Implant Size?

The implant size best suited for your body type will depend on several different physical and lifestyle habits. If your body frame is on the smaller side, the extra weight of large breast implants could cause you physical discomfort, including back, neck, and shoulder pain. Additionally, larger implants may look disproportionate on smaller body sizes, resulting in an unnatural appearance.

It is important to choose a breast implant size that matches your body frame. Additionally, a breast augmentation procedure needs enough existing breast tissue to adequately cover the implants, so it is crucial to choose an implant size that corresponds well to your current breast size.

You should also discuss your physical activity level with your doctor when choosing a breast augmentation implant size. Higher levels of physical activity, either during exercise or for job requirements, may be negatively impacted by larger implant sizes. To avoid discomfort and limited physical abilities, smaller implant choices are better suited for individuals with highly active lifestyles.

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Meet the Surgeon

Dr. Arezou Yaghoubian is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon and hand surgery specialist known for her expertise in providing comprehensive plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgeries. She earned her medical degree from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and completed her residencies and fellowships at UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Yaghoubian is recognized for her excellence in surgery and commitment to advancing the field through research. She is fluent in English, Farsi, and Spanish and has a passion for global outreach, volunteering her skills to provide reconstructive surgery in underserved communities. Connect with Dr. Yaghoubian on Facebook to learn more about her practice and the services offered at AESTHETICA LA and the LA Hand Institute.