Breast Lift in Tarzana

Breast Lift in Tarzana

Breast sagging is a natural result of aging as the skin loses its elasticity. If you find that your breasts have begun to flatten, sag, or point downward due to aging, weight changes, or pregnancy, there are surgical options for regaining your youthful appearance. A breast lift operation aims to reduce sagging by removing excess skin to create firmer and rounder breast contours. The procedure may also raise nipple position or reduce nipple size for a more proportional appearance.

Our clinic offers breast lifts in Tarzana to help restore your breasts’ contour and give you renewed confidence in your appearance. Though this surgery does not change your breast size, it can be performed simultaneously with other enhancement or reduction breast operations for additional chest changes. Discuss your cosmetic goals with our skilled plastic surgeons and learn how we can help you achieve them.

Ideal Candidates for a Breast Lift

Over time, skin loses elasticity from various environmental and genetic factors, leading to a sagging breast appearance. Circumstances that lead to breast sagging include pregnancy, genetics, aging, gravity, weight changes, and pregnancy followed by breastfeeding. These events may result in excess skin around the breasts, which reduces breast shape and volume leading to a flatter, stretched chest appearance.

A mastopexy surgery at our Tarzana clinic provides the best results for individuals who maintain a consistent weight and do not plan on having any more children. Ideal candidates for a breast lift are those who wish to fix breast conditions such as:

  • One breast lower than the other breast
  • Downward pointing nipples and areolas
  • Stretched breast skin and nipples
  • Loss of breast shape and volume
  • Nipples falling below the breast crease
  • Flat and extended breast appearance

Cosmetic Benefits of a Breast Lift Operation

A breast lift operation aims to improve the chest contours by raising the breasts, removing extra skin, and tightening tissue. Additionally, the procedure could reduce the size of nipples that have stretched over time and reposition their placement for a proportional look. The optimal results of a breast lift are contoured and uplifted breasts that create a youthful, yet natural chest appearance.

Things to Consider Following a Breast Lift

A mastopexy procedure is highly individualized to accommodate unique breast shapes, sizes, and cosmetic goals. However, it is important to remember that a breast lift only aims to change the breasts’ lower contours, not their size. If an individual wishes to change their breasts’ shape and upper contours, a breast lift could be accompanied by other surgical options such as a breast reduction or augmentation.

Results of a breast lift operation are not permanent, and the breasts will continue to be impacted by natural aging effects. However, maintaining a consistent weight may help preserve surgical results for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for my breast lift surgery?

As with all invasive surgical procedures, patients must refrain from taking aspirin, herbal supplements, and anti-inflammatory drugs for at least two weeks before breast lift surgery since that can worsen the bleeding. In addition, since nicotine adversely impacts the body’s healing process, quitting smoking several months before surgery is ideal.

Further, since the recovery process takes several weeks and poses a few physical limitations, it is good to have additional people help with physical tasks. Lastly, taking care of everyday tasks and having premade or easily prepared meals could substantially ease the recovery afterward.

Would it be possible to get a non-surgical breast lift?

A non-surgical breast lift is possible with several techniques, but the results are less significant than surgical breast lift results. However, they do pose fewer health risks and potential complications than a surgical procedure. Treatment methods for a non-surgical breast lift include laser therapy, thermal energy, platelet-rich plasma injections, Neurotoxin Injections, and dermal filler injections.

Notably, most non-invasive treatments aim to boost the skin’s collagen production to enhance its structure and support. As a result, breast skin becomes tighter due to higher collagen volume resulting in a lifted appearance to breast tissue. However, there are other non-invasive options, such as dermal filler and neurotoxin injections.

What is the recovery time of a breast lift surgery?

Typically, a full breast lift recovery takes up to six weeks before it is safe to continue strenuous activities that apply excess pressure on the chest. During this period, side effects usually persist for up to two weeks, at which point patients may return to work and resume showering. However, beforehand, it is essential for patients to refrain from lifting heavy items, bending over, and raising their arms to prevent healing complications.

What are the most common breast lift techniques (crescent, vertical, etc.)?

For breast lift surgery, there are several standard techniques for incision placement on the breasts. A popular method is a vertical breast lift, which requires an incision around the areola extending vertically down the breast, and is best for moderate tissue reshaping.

A similar method, an anchor breast lift, uses an incision around the entire areola, vertically down the breasts and horizontally within the breast crease. Though an anchor technique results in more scarring, the method is excellent for reducing significant breast sagging. Therefore, patients who need substantial reshaping of breast tissue may benefit more from an anchor technique.

The best technique for reducing minimal breast sagging in Tarzana is a crescent breast lift that involves an incision halfway along the top of the areola. An advantage of this approach to breast lift surgery is minimal scarring that is barely visible.

Tarzana Breast Lift Procedures for a Better Chest

Various circumstances and life changes may have left you unhappy with your breasts’ appearance. However, a breast lift in Tarzana could be the key to regaining your confidence and rejuvenating your appearance. At AESTHETICA LA, Dr. Yaghoubian can raise and reshape your breasts for a younger, firmer, and rounder look. The operation aims to lift breasts by reducing excess, sagging skin resulting from weight fluctuations, childbearing, and aging.

Ideal surgical results can achieve perkier breasts that sit higher up on the chest wall and give off a naturally younger and firmer look. Though a mastopexy surgery will not change your breasts’ size, Dr. Yaghoubian can discuss additional surgical procedures to address all of your cosmetic concerns. Consider a breast lift if you are ready to restore your breast’s natural contours and create your ideal appearance.