How to Maintain Your Results After a Mommy Makeover

After undergoing a mommy makeover, it’s important to take proper care of yourself to maintain your results. A mommy makeover typically involves a combination of procedures to address the changes that occur in a woman’s body after pregnancy and childbirth, such as breast sagging, excess skin, and stubborn fat. These procedures can include breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

To ensure that you maintain the best results possible after your mommy makeover, follow these tips:

  • Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly

Maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise is key to keeping off excess weight and maintaining a toned physique after your mommy makeover. Be sure to speak with your surgeon about when it is safe to resume exercise after your surgery and what types of exercise are recommended.

  • Avoid smoking and limit alcohol intake

Smoking can hinder the healing process and increase the risk of complications after surgery. It’s important to avoid smoking before and after your surgery. Additionally, excessive alcohol consumption can also have negative effects on your body and your healing process.

  • Wear compression garments

Your surgeon may recommend wearing compression garments for several weeks after your mommy makeover. These garments can help reduce swelling and improve blood flow, which can promote faster healing.

  • Stay hydrated and get enough rest

Proper hydration and rest are important for overall health and can also promote healing after surgery. Be sure to drink plenty of water and get enough rest to help your body heal.

  • Attend follow-up appointments with your surgeon

Your surgeon will schedule follow-up appointments after your mommy makeover to monitor your progress and ensure that you are healing properly. It’s important to attend these appointments and follow your surgeon’s recommendations for post-operative care.

By following these tips, you can maintain your results and enjoy the benefits of your mommy makeover for years to come.

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